rep enta nce

Most of us think we have a good idea of what repentance is. But, I want to take some time today to study repentance and to highlight the beauty of this gift we have received from God! It is hard to be thankful for a gift when you have no understanding of the gift’s purpose. […]

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Fastest Way to Change

If your relationships are not working, here’s a fast way to create change. Notice: this will first create change in you. The changes in you will be noticed by others and create a pathway for God to work in them. It removes you from being part of the problem and makes you part of the […]

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I like “great experience” as much as the next person. It is always wonderful when a great “epiphany” moment occurs in life and you leap forward in your growth and knowledge as a person. Epiphanies are often used to bring us to a point of change… experience that not only is “felt” but changes the […]

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