I’m Coming Mimi!

As I was spending time in prayer this week, I felt the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit tell me to write about the return of Jesus. While there are differences of opinion among our family members as to when Jesus’ return will happen, the key point that we must focus on is that He […]

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The Satanic Leadership Team

For the last three times we have been together, I have been writing about the end times.  If you are new, this is intended to familiarize you with the events that are prophesied to occur at the end of the age. So far, we have: Discussed the signs that let us know we are in […]

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The Rapture

Are we truly in the last days of our world? How do we know we are? If so, what can we expect to happen in the days to come? The Bible gives us signs that identify the period known as the “last days”. Last time we were together, I wrote about some of those signs. […]

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