The Wind

Gentle and soft you chase

Easily you kiss the face

The leaves announce you’re here

Clapping as they cheer

A voice that can’t be heard

Speaks loudly without a word

Spirit and wind they say

Are brothers in their way

Reach out embrace the wind

Refreshes like a friend

Other times you come

Like a freight train on the run

Roaring with your voice

How can wind make a choice

To release such a mighty force

Stirs up our remorse

We forget your mighty power

Spirit wind makes us cower

Reach out ignore the wind

You’ll never do so again





The Morning Dawns

A morning crisp though darkness reigns;

The Son goes dark, a world in chains.

Those who live destined to die

Love’s Substitute from beyond the sky.

Heaven bled – the earth was stained

A morbid end, now darkness chained.

Hope in the grave three days it lay

Then out it came this time to stay.

The end has now become a door

What birthed in fear now leads to more.

A wicked tree – An empty grave

A way to life – a place to crave.

The day is new, the mirror lies

A destiny’s full heart now cries.

The heart of earth by Heaven won

Death could not hold the rising Son.

The morning crisp, the shadow gone

Is disappeared in Easter’s dawn!