Jesus, our Kinsman Redeemer


The story of Ruth is dynamic. Within the lines of the story is a truth that not only changed Ruth’s life but will change yours as well!

Ruth “happened” to go to work in a field that was owned by a man named Boaz. Ruth didn’t know who he was but Ruth’s mother in law, Naomi did know who Boaz was and she knew something else that ended up changing everything for Ruth and Naomi. Naomi, an Israelite knew about the role of the kinsman redeemer.

God through Moses had given to Israel a law which came to be known as the law of the kinsman redeemer. This law was intended to negate the destructive effects of being widowed, left without heirs and poor because of death. If a man died and was left without an heir his brother was to take his sister in law as his wife, support her and give her an heir which would succeed her husband and be heir to all that was the father’s. Failure to fulfill this role meant the abandonment of a family member, which brought great shame in Israel.

This law plays a tremendous role in the fulfillment of Ruth’s destiny, but it also plays a tremendous role in the fulfillment of yours.

The Word of God reveals the heart and will of God. The Word tells us of God’s remedy for destroying the lasting effects of death. The remedy is the law of the kinsman redeemer. It is not God’s will for a family member to be abandoned. Death is not to have lasting destructive effects. Knowing about this, Naomi told Ruth to take off her widow’s dress and go to the threshing floor and find Boaz. When Boaz lies down to rest, raise the mantle covering him, cover yourself with it and lay down at his feet. In the culture of those days, servants working with their master at the threshing floor would often lie down at the feet of the master and cover themselves with his mantle for protection from the cold.

In Israel, the mantle served a practical purpose in protecting the wearer from the elements. But, it also had a spiritual purpose in that a mantle represented the anointing, spiritual protection and calling of the wearer.

Ruth comes as a servant, trusting in the truth of the Word of God which reveals the heart and will of God, and covers herself with the mantle of the master. When Boaz awakens and wants to know who is lying at his feet, Ruth says:

“I am Ruth, your servant. Take me under your wing (mantle) for you are my kinsman redeemer.”

God intends for the law of the kinsman redeemer to serve as a law for us as well. God has given us the remedy that leads to redemption from the effects of the destruction of sin. The Word of God is the revelation of God’s heart. It reveals Jesus as our kinsman redeemer. Jesus, our kinsman redeemer will take those who approach Him as a lowly servant, having purchased them and their future by His blood – He will return them to the family of God and will release their inheritance and destiny!

The heart of God is seen in Boaz. He tells Ruth, “Blessed are you! I know your story! You did not run after the options of the world, but have remained faithful!”

“I will fulfill God’s purpose in your life!”

No matter who or what appears to have control of our destiny, Jesus will not rest until the law of the kinsman redeemer is fulfilled! Notice Ruth didn’t have to go to the gate to argue her case before the court. Neither do we. Jesus paid it all. We simply have to agree with His Word!

Now, let’s end where we began:

Matthew 1:1-6: The book of the lineage of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham: Abraham begot Isaac, Isaac begot Jacob, and Jacob begot Judah and his brothers. Judah begot Perez and Zerah by Tamar, Perez begot Hezron, and Hezron begot Ram. Ram begot Amminadab, Amminadab begot Nahshon, and Nahshon begot Salmon. Salmon begot Boaz by Rahab, Boaz begot Obed by Ruth, Obed begot Jesse, and Jesse begot David the king.

Ruth was once considered destitute. But because of the kinsman redeemer, she ends up with restored inheritance and position! Because of Jesus, your Kinsman Redeemer, so can you!


Right Place – Right Season – Right Equipment

God is doing a quick work right now that will result in an increased flow of the Spirit in your life!

The person God is using as an example of what He is doing in this season is Ruth. The family that Ruth married into was an Israelite family who had to leave everything behind because of famine and move to Moab. Ruth married one of the two sons in the family. During the time the family was in Moab, Ruth’s father in law died and both her husband and brother in law died. Once Ruth’s sister in law decided to leave Ruth and her mother in law, Naomi are alone.

Prospects for their present and future were extremely bleak. Left without land and income, the two women were in deep trouble.

But, a series of events occurred that began a supernatural move of God in their lives. The series of events included critical decisions that had to be made and the supernatural leadership of God.

One of the destiny changing events occurred when Naomi decided to return back home. Returning to the land of God’s blessing started everything in motion. If you are away from the place of God’s blessing, then your journey begins with getting there.

Ruth was given the option to return to her family of origin. Her sister in law had chosen this option. But, Ruth decided to stay in what she believed God had called her to and where God had called her to be and didn’t make decisions based upon what she saw in the “natural”. She linked her future to God’s plan rather than her self interests. This was a destiny shaping decision.

As the women returned to Israel, something was going on that would play a huge part in their story that they had nothing to do with: it was all orchestrated by God. They arrived in Israel at harvest time: the right season for their breakthrough!

Can you say, “The right season!”

Now, I want to say something about “divine connections”.

Ruth can’t just sit on her hands. Something needs to be done so that she and her mother in law, Naomi can eat. So, Ruth goes to find a field where she can begin to pick up the grain that falls away after the gleaning process is done by the reapers. In other words, she is after the “leftovers”.

But, another event happens that is an act of God. Ruth “happens” to come to the field that belongs to a man named Boaz, who is of the same family as Elimelech, Ruth’s father in law.

Ruth didn’t end up in just any field: she ended up in the field that belonged to someone who would play a huge role in her future destiny!

Can you say, “The right place!”

Some of you feel as if you are destined for “leftovers”. If you are faithful to your calling – if you decide to tie your fortunes to God’s plan for your life – if you reject decisions based solely upon what will be in your best interests rather than the will of God – if you know what season your are in and are willing to do the activities proper for that season – God will divinely direct you and shape your destiny!

Ruth is at the right place at the right time. Are you at the right place at the right time? 

Ruth understands the season. It is not time to plant. It is not time to plow the ground. It is harvest time. When you know the season you are in, you can choose the right equipment and actions for that season. Ruth took with her the right equipment needed to harvest and went to work in the field.

Can you say, “The right equipment!”

This is the right season for you according to what I’m hearing from the Lord. Are you at the place where God can bless you? Get there and take with you the right equipment to get busy about the Father’s business! If you take these simple steps, God will divinely direct your paths and soon, you will find out that you are not having to settle for “leftovers” nor are you a tragic statistic of life’s pain but you are an example of God’s goodness and redemptive power on display for all to see!

Divine appointments are scheduled for those who yoke their future to the will of God!