Remaking God

We have been studying the apostle Paul’s teaching regarding our liberties in Christ versus our responsibility to love the brothers. It’s interesting that I just said, “versus”, like the two were in conflict with each other. In fact, they are not in conflict. Just as we have been set free from the bondage to empty […]

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The Church and Money

Money is such a controversial topic in the church. As soon as some pastors begin a talk about money, some people turn the preacher “off”. I know why this is. Usually it is a response to the incorrect teaching and practical abuses of money in the church by church leadership. At other times, people don’t […]

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Marriage, Divorce and the Church

Recently, I have taken upon myself to write about some common church problems. I have been using the church at Corinth as a foundation in addressing these issues.  In Corinth, as in our day, people were getting saved through the power of Christ. Some who were getting saved were married, having married before their salvation. […]

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The Compartmentalized Church

The apostle Paul has addressed some interesting problems in the church at Corinth. First, he warned the parishioners to put a stop to the divisions among them. The people of the church were divided because of spiritual pride. This was breaking the church down from a unified body with one purpose to a fractured group […]

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Church 101 – Division!

The church of Corinth was a gifted but weak church. Thankfully, reading about the church at Corinth gives us some insight into how to handle difficult situations we face in today’s church. One of the  problems faced in Corinth was the matter of divisions. Members of the church were having disputes with one another. We […]

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Church 101 Again!

The church in Corinth faced many problems. Remember the list? Division Sexual sin in the church Lawsuits among the members Questions about being married to an unsaved spouse. The role of the sexes in the church. Questions about giving. Questions about how far is too far into sin. The proper use of spiritual gifts in […]

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Church 101

  Studying the Corinthian church of the Bible is like taking a look inside the modern church. Many of the problems encountered there are the same we are facing today in Fort Worth Texas and in America. So, to get the answers to what we are facing let’s take an ancient look inside the modern […]

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