Reviving a Dead Situation

    Have you ever had something important in your life – such as a marriage, a business, a relationship, a ministry, just seem as if it is dying? Ezekiel chapter 37 speaks of the “death” of Israel both spiritually and physically as a nation. Ezekiel saw the nation and people of Israel in a […]

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Happy New Era!

  You’ll notice that I didn’t say “Happy New Year” but I said “Happy New Era”. Here’s the reason: The Holy Spirit has been telling me that I am entering into a new period in my life. I don’t decide what time period I’m in – God decides that. I have to flow with the […]

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The Lazarus Project

I’m telling the story of a different Lazarus than the one Jesus raised from the dead. The Lazarus I’m speaking of is found in Luke, chapter sixteen verses nineteen through thirty one. Jesus tells the story of a man named Lazarus who panhandled at the gate of a certain rich man in Israel. You’ll notice […]

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Going Forward

Have you ever been lost and called someone to ask them directions? What is the first question they ask you in an effort to help? Where are you? To get to where you need to be, you must be willing to do two things: Start from where you are. Be willing to take direction. I’m […]

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The Glory

This week, I’ve been reminded of something I’d like to share with you. I’m sharing this as a warning before something good happens. The Lord is about to pour out His presence on people like we’ve not seen in a while. Many are going to see great things happen – awesome things in their lives. […]

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