Set Your Coordinates

We are in the first month of a brand new year. Here’s what the Lord is saying to me about this time:

If you want to reach a destination, you have to set the correct coordinates to get you there.

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A pilot of an airplane must know where he is going before he can set his coordinates to reach that destination. There is a correct set of coordinates that must be placed into the plane’s guidance system to reach the specific destination. Even just a slight error in the coordinates can cause the plane to miss its destination – sometimes by hundreds of miles!!

What is your destination?

Heaven? Yes, mine too!

But while we are here in this earth, God has a plan for us. It is called “the will of God”. The will of God is found in our “manual” for guidance – the Bible. If you are going to reach the destination called “the will of God” for your life, you must set your “coordinates” or live your life according to the Word of God.

Tolerating just a little disobedience to the Bible can cause you to end up miles away from your destination.

Where Are We Now? by Jeff Hamilton

Jesus said in Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

This scripture tells us the destination – the kingdom of God and Jesus’ righteousness – and it tells us the priority that destination should have – first in our lives in time, energy, and resources. It also tells us that if we set our coordinates on the kingdom, everything else we need will be given to us as well.

Following Jesus’ teaching on this in Matthew 6, let’s focus on doing these three things this year:

  1. I will not seek “life” from anything else but my relationship with Jesus.

“Life is more than food and the body more than clothing”. You can’t find real life in achievement or acquiring goods or in self actualization. You find real life in Jesus.

2. I will receive Christ’s love for me this year.

“Are you not of more value than they?” Even many Christians don’t experience the Lord’s love for them because they allow arguments regarding their past, their imperfections, or their inability to grasp its wonder keep them from receiving Christ’s love. This year, stop all argument and receive it!

3. I will trust God’s word this year.

“All these things will be added to you”. The pathway to God’s blessing is in obedience to His Word. Don’t accept any other alternative to the Bible as a way of getting needs met.

If you do these three things this year, your coordinates will be set on the kingdom. If your coordinates are correct, you will reach the destination – the will of God!

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