Doctrine is not Legalism

John 7:16 in the New King James Version quotes Jesus:

“My doctrine is not My own, but His Who Sent Me.”

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It is very easy to confuse doctrine with legalism. Doctrine can be defined as: “function of God”. Doctrine reveals God’s ways to us. You can’t know someone without knowing their ways – not in the sense of true knowing – in the context of relationship.

Legalism can be defined as: “function of man”. Legalism is anything added to the Word of God as a necessity for salvation or holy living. Salvation also means “deliverance”. Knowing that is important at the end of this blog.

Chapter 20: The Golden Calf

Mark 7:7 reflects Jesus’ condemnation of legalism by rebuking those who teach the commandments of men as equal to the commands of God.

Knowing and following the doctrine or teachings of Christ is essential to knowing Him and walking in holiness. Jesus said in John 8:32, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Doctrine frees you and reveals Jesus while legalism binds you and disappoints.

Don’t fall under any teaching that does not originate in the Bible.

One final balance to this:

Don’t be one who wants Jesus’ assistance but who rejects His lordship.

In these crazy times, I see many who want Jesus’ assistance or deliverance in their lives but when the subject of submission to Jesus is brought up, they stumble.

andy at faith: Encounters with Jesus ~ Rejected

You cannot get the full release of Jesus’ assistance without submission to His Word.

Doctrine frees and releases Jesus’ power. Wanting Jesus’ blessing without accepting submission to Him is another form of legalism. It’s simply man’s way of trying to manipulate God. Adding or taking away from His word brings a curse instead of a blessing.

Jesus has great things for you but you must close the door to the devil. There is an old saying: “You can’t ride two horses with one rear end”.

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Establish Jesus as your Lord. Break free from man’s ways. Accept the goodness of God.

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