Don’t Miss Your Moment

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Doing life with Jesus is an amazing thing! He is so big and His kingdom so expansive that you always expect to be experiencing or learning something new from Him.

Life is a series of manifestations and a string of hope. As I said earlier, Jesus is always revealing something which creates new manifestations for us. But, we are also living in periods of hope or maybe they are best described as times when we are waiting on an answer to prayer. Moments of “waiting” are prominent while doing life with Jesus.

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Not too many days ago, I heard the Lord speak to me and say:

“You are living so much in what is still to be done that you are missing you moment right now!”

It is easy to focus on that which has yet to materialize and in doing so, lose the joy and peace that are yours in the now.

Listen: there will ALWAYS be something you are waiting on. God is too big not to have it so. But, we must learn not to focus on the undone but we should learn to pray and then leave those things in the hands of God. God loves us and the people we care about so much MORE than we can imagine. It is fruitless to focus on that over which we exercise no control. It is much better to pray and then to trust God with the timing and details of what we are waiting on.

Don’t miss the moment of blessing that God has for you right now! The devil is not in the details of your life – God is! There will always be something in process so, learn to trust God with what is yet to be by leaning on who He is right now!

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