There is Power in your Stand

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Ephesians 6:13

Moving Beyond the Waiting Room: Part One
Feel like you are waiting?

Have you ever been through a period of time in which you were waiting to hear from God regarding what your next step should be? Or maybe you were going through a time that was somewhat “dry” spiritually – a time in which you felt as if you were not hearing anything from the Lord?

I have been through similar times. While I don’t feel dry right now, I do feel as if I am waiting for some direction from the Lord. I feel power but not directed in any specific direction. I sense victory but still waiting for some manifestation.

I recently received this word from the Spirit while preaching:

“There is power in your stand”.

While waiting upon the Lord, you can feel as if you are doing nothing of note. It can seem as if you are waiting upon manifestation of power because you are not in it now.

The Lord told me: “If you are standing in the Word you currently have from Me, and are refusing to be moved while you wait – you are standing in power which the enemy cannot overcome.”

Standing on the Promises « Wayne Hastings
Standing in God’s Word is winning!

You cannot get left behind or off if your heart is to obey the Lord and follow Him. Many times, God “deepens our well” of maturity by having us stand rather than run.

If you are waiting on God right now, you are doing something not nothing. You are standing. When you stand in the armor of God, you are winning. So, stand still while waiting and see the salvation of God!!

One thought on “There is Power in your Stand

  1. wow i totally related to this 100% i often feel like im not doing enough. basically like im doing nothing,.. so this was really inspiring and great to hear, thanks pastor parkey!

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