A Critical Step

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Last time I sat down to write, I told you that we would take some time to talk about possessing your destiny. I know – it may seem like a weird time to be talking about destiny since we are in the midst of slowdowns and shelter in place orders. But, God’s purpose does not stop – everything that happens is factored in to His master plan for your life! Last blog, I wrote about overcoming obstacles as a critical part of possessing your destiny. Today, we will look at another critical step.

Once the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River, they went to a place called Gilgal. Here’s a couple of interesting things about Gilgal:

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The name Gilgal means “rolled” or “removed”. Gilgal was located east of Jericho in a wilderness area. It was at Gilgal that Joshua commanded the men who had not been circumcised to go through the covenant procedure.

Everyone who is on the way to their destiny stops at their own personal “Gilgal”. Under the New Covenant, the circumcision of our hearts in dedication to the purposes of God is vital to the success of our mission. We cannot accomplish God’s plan with a divided heart. Gilgal is a place where separation occurs. It is a place where dedication occurs. It is a place of “cutting away” the things of the world. God removed physical obstacles to the accomplishment of His plan from the pathway of His people. It is at Gilgal that He removes the internal obstacles to the possession of His inheritance from the hearts of His people. Another interesting point: Gilgal was located in the wilderness of Israel. Most “spiritual” circumcisions of our heart occur during a time in the “wilderness”. But, the wilderness the children of Israel were in at Gilgal was a part of the land God had given them to inherit.

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If you are in a wilderness right now and God is working on your heart – don’t despair! The wilderness you are in is a part of your promise! Many equate a “wilderness” time with being out of God’s plan. In actuality, the children of Israel were already in their land of promise while they were at Gilgal.

The “wilderness” you are in is part of your possession! The circumcision of your heart occurring during this time is a critical step of success! Don’t despair! God has led you to where you are even if you have not been aware of it! The circumcision in the wilderness is a part of God’s pathway to possessing your inheritance! So, slow down and allow the process to take place as God intends.

God is rolling away the failures of the past. He is rolling away the flaws that end in falling short of the goal. Trust Him! He knows what He is doing!

Next time, we will look at one more step to possessing your destiny. See you then!


Published by Parkey Cobern

Husband to Rhonda, proud father and grandfather. Pastor of Capstone Church, Fort Worth, Texas

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