Lack of Faith for the Impossible

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I’ve been writing about what I’m calling “potholes” for God’s people. A pothole is an erosion in the pathway that causes damage if not repaired. As God’s people, “potholes” can develop in life’s pathway which can cause us damage if we do not focus on repairing them.

I’ve used Psalm 106 as my foundation for these writings. Let’s look at this part today:

They forgot God their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt, wondrous works in the land of Ham, awesome things by the Red Sea. vs. 21-22

Psalm 106 was written after the children of Israel had entered their Promised Land. Things operated a little differently in the Promised Land than they did in the wilderness. Oh, God was still God, but the way that He provided for them was very different. In the wilderness, the people of God were fed miraculously. Manna fell from the sky for them to eat and God led them to water or caused it to appear in a miraculous fashion. They were not able to make or buy new clothes – the clothing and shoes they had on never got old!

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In the Promised Land, their provision came through sowing and reaping, buying and selling,  or breeding stock and using them for food or trade. They made their own clothing or bought it in the market. Since the labor of the people was a part of the process of provision in the Promised Land – they calculated harvest times, they sowed, they pulled weeds, they harvested, they raised stock and appraised them – they began to think of provision as more of a process than a supernatural miracle created and blessed by God.

Since they could often manipulate the process, they began to think that God was not actually involved in it. They usually didn’t remember that God was Lord over the process until He withheld rain or crops were destroyed through “acts of God”.

This caused the people to forget God’s miraculous works for them. Hey, the process was adjustable and understandable so they began to depend upon themselves more than they ever had.

They didn’t remember that there was a supernatural aspect to how they lived and that God was Lord of the harvest and the health and well being of their lives!

We can do the same thing.

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Since we have medicine to help us, jobs to provide for us, doctors to answer our questions, government to intervene if we need help, we forget that God is the One supernaturally caring for us just as much as He was when we were in our “wilderness time”. Our belief in the supernatural, miracle working power of God has waned due to the availability of so many options the world has to offer!

And, we wonder why there are so few miracles!

I’m for options but they must include God’s miracle power and provision or they solve a problem while creating a lack of faith within us!

While you work remember God is providing. If you are seeing a doctor remember God is the Healer. If you are in need remember God is the Waymaker. If you make this your focus on along your pathway, you will see many miracles in your life during the journey!

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