Chafing Against Authority

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Last week, I wrote about having a short memory when it comes to the grandeur of God. Today, I’d like to write about another thing that can become a pothole for God’s people.

You know what a pothole is?

An erosion in the road you are on which can cause damage if not repaired.

The pothole we’ll examine today is:

Chafing against authority.

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A bridle is used to lead a horse. If the horse continually pulls against the bridle, a sore can develop through the constant rubbing against the bridle. That is what I mean by chafing against authority. The children of Israel pulled against the “bridle” or leadership that God had placed in their lives.

When they envied Moses in the camp, and Aaron the saint of the Lord, the earth opened up and swallowed Dathan, and covered the faction of Abiram. A fire was kindled in their company; the flame burned the wicked. Psalm 106:16-18

The Psalmist recounts the events of Numbers 16 where we find the children of Israel pulling against the authority of Moses and Aaron. Just like the children of Israel, many people today pull against the human authority God has placed in their lives.

Human authority is not perfect. But, and it is a great mystery, God has decided to use human authority as part of His plan for His people. Many people use what I call “a human discount” when it comes to the direction given them by pastors or other human authorities. The “human discount” being that since a direction to do something has come through a human, I can choose to not do it if I don’t want. This is where much of our rebellion against God comes from – through rebellion against human authority.

Human nature causes us to not like to be told what to do. And, when direction comes through our pastor or other human leader, we often choose to do what we want to do rather than to obey. We discount what we have heard because of thoughts like these:
“My pastor is only human, so I don’t have to do what he says.” Or, “My pastor or boss wants something for himself therefore since I believe he doesn’t have the right motive, I don’t have to do it.”

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Thus, we discount the direction because of the messenger.

We are people called to respond to a message. If the message is biblical, then the direction is solid. The Bible gives us only a few instances in which we can disobey our leaders:

If they tell you to do something against scriptural.

If they tell you to do something unethical.

If they tell you to do something immoral.

If they tell you to do something illegal.

In these instances, you have an obligation not to obey. Otherwise, the Bible gives us no excuse for disobedience.

God tests the trust His people have in Him by using human authority in His kingdom. Don’t allow the erosion of rebellion to damage your pathway. God will lead you when you respond to His message even if the messenger is imperfect!


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