Where is the Bottom?

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Have you ever watched the life of someone you care about and observed them making decisions that lead them to the bottom? You know what I mean by the bottom – low places in life – destruction, loss, hardship, pain, etc. If you are praying for these people, then you see them hit “bottom” – you think surely they will change now because they can’t go any lower!!!

Let me share with you something I learned a  long time ago:

What looks like the bottom to you may not be the lowest level for the person you are praying for!

Wow! Very encouraging! Thanks for sharing. Not!!!

Hey, I’m not trying to be “negative Nelly” but I’m just trying to get you to realize that when dealing with others, you have no control over how far they go. I’ve seen people make decisions that bring hardship and I’ve thought that they can’t go any deeper into pain or destruction than where their decisions have taken them – only to find out that there are “levels” to which they can go that are lower than I envisioned!

Someone out there is trying to manipulate, guess, control – how far a loved one will go before they turn to Jesus. Maybe you’ve been disillusioned that the low point they have reached has not brought them to repentance. Maybe you are scared of what it will take to get them where they need to be.

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I have two things to say to you today:

  1. Nothing is more important than the eternal destiny of your loved one.

None of us want to see those we care about go through hardship or life altering events. God will not allow something to go further than what is dictated by the stubbornness of the individual, but He will also not forfeit eternity for temporary comforts. Keep eternity in view as you pray for those you care about!

2. God loves those you care about more than you do.

We sometimes get deceived into thinking that no one cares more for our loved ones than we do. That’s a deception. Nobody loves them more than God. Everything I feel for them comes from Him and is a reflection of His love. You can trust your loved ones in the hands of God. Say it to yourself: I can trust Him because He loves them more than anyone!

So, if you feel as if the elevator of life has taken your loved one to the bottom floor, don’t be in despair if the elevator keeps going! God wants your loved one at the destination of salvation more than you do and knows the route to get them there!


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