Staving off Infection

Compromise is a killer for the saints of God. Someone once told me that Satan has two goals for your life. One, is to prevent you from being born again. If he cannot accomplish that goal, then he wants to prevent you from being effective in the kingdom of God. Compromise is his primary weapon to accomplish the second goal.

How does compromise infect the child of God?

I want to use the life of Samson as an example. You’ll find his story in Judges, chapters 13-16.

  • The enemy’s goal in compromise is to overpower you and subdue you.


If Satan were to come at you head on, you would recognize it quickly and respond with war. Compromise is sneaky. It usually comes at you through the pathway of need or neglect. Compromise usually comes in a lovely form, just like Delilah. Samson fell “in love” with his agent of compromise, because he saw it meeting a need, or perhaps soothing a pain. Delilah was used to lure Samson into the place where the secret of his life was devalued and violated. Without Samson’s capitulation, he was stronger than the enemy. Subdued Christians are not any good to the kingdom of God.


  • Involvement in compromise dulls discernment.


It would have only taken one time of Delilah tying me up and shouting “The Philistines are upon you” to let me know something bad was happening. But, Samson had compromised to the point that he ignored normal warning signs. One of the things that I fear the most is falling into sin and still seeing the power of God work in my life. Getting away with a little will cause us to downplay consequences. It also causes us to overestimate our strength or to believe that we are exempt from God’s normal dealings due to our advanced ministry gifts.


  • Our separation to God is the only thing that sets us apart from every other man.


If we have any strength at all, it comes from God. We are not loved or valued any higher on the scale than anyone else. In that light, we cannot expect to be able to have a special deal cut with God so that we can sin without impunity. Without Jesus, we can do and are nothing.


  • Compromise will eventually cause the Lord’s hand to lift off of us.


In verse twenty, Samson thought, “I’ll go out as before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him. Continued compromise is a sign of rebellion. James 4:4, “You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.”


  • Compromise will cause the vision of your life to be destroyed.


When the Philistines captured Samson, they put out his eyes. This caused his effectiveness as a warrior to be greatly diminished. Some things are lost forever through compromise. Ministries, virginity, etc. Remember, Satan is after your vision and purpose. Don’t let him have it.


  • Only true repentance can bring us to the place of being used by God again.


Samson repented in the later half of chapter 16 and God used him to deal a massive blow to the enemy. To be used again, Samson had to come to the place where he was willing to lay down his life for his God. He blamed no one for his demise. He simply asked God to allow him to get revenge for the loss of his vision. God heard his cry and he was used in one moment in greater measure than his previous life of battle.

Don’t allow compromise to “infect” your life and steal your vision!


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