A Dynamite Life!

Allow me to sum up!!

We are created as tri-part creatures: spirit, soul, body. Our body houses the two immaterial parts of our nature and is necessary for the expression of soul and spirit. Our spirit is necessary to have a relationship with God since God is Spirit. Our soul can be defined as:

Soul: individual personality and sense of self.

Your soul is what makes you unique from everyone else. Your soul is predisposed to certain traits but can also be shaped by your experiences. Sin – your own and the sin of others against you wars against the created nature of your soul – intending to wound and restrict your soul; limiting your ability to reach your full destiny. And, its not just wounds that can cause damage to the soul, but the imperfect nature of life – death, disappointments, unfulfilled dreams – all cause wounding in the soul.

Wounding of the soul is a part of living. But a wound must be taken care of properly. If not, it is a place that is susceptible to disease.

The soul is supposed to be in subjection to the Spirit, but when wounded can reject the Spirit’s direction. Last time we were together, we looked at the part the blood of Jesus plays in the deliverance of the soul.

The blood of Jesus frees the soul from the power of sin: its guilt, its controlling nature, its tendency to define us. Not just sin that we have committed but sins that have been committed against us! Dead people are not addicted! Dead people are not controlled by others! Dead people are not punished any longer!

But, thank God it doesn’t stop there!

We are raised from the dead in the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Our new life is described this way:

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

At salvation, my spirit and the Holy Spirit became one. This process includes my death to the power and penalty of sins – mine and others against me. This also includes my death to being a victim of circumstance. My life is no longer determined by my failures and others sins against me. My life is no longer controlled by the imperfections of life. I am dead to those things: their power to control me is broken through the blood of Jesus!

I am raised to walk in newness of life through the power of the Holy Spirit!

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you… Acts 1:8

Power: the power which the resurrection of Christ has, for instructing, reforming, elevating, tranquilizing, the soul.

As I stated earlier, the soul is intended to express itself under the authority of the Spirit. The Spirit empowers the soul to be what it was created to be.

You could say that the Holy Spirit empowers the soul with moral excellence. It reforms, restores, heals, elevates, tranquilizes, and gives the soul the love and identity it needs to complete its mission: to be who and what it was created to be!

The Holy Spirit removes the restrictions that sin has placed in your soul by healing your wounds, destroying unbiblical lies, and loving your unconditionally. You are free from opinions, fears, and the effects of devastating circumstances because of your belief in who you are in Christ and through your faith in the miracle working power of God!

The “fences” of unbelief are removed from your life and your life is expanded to include all that God has for you, including what seems impossible. A life of no restrictions; no limits; no fears of abandonment or rejection; a life of endless possibilities; a life that’s at peace with its place in the world – free from the scramble of competition for significance; a life that is founded in the infinite, unending love of God. A dynamite life!




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