The Trash Man

Early this morning, I was sitting in my normal place of prayer in my home. Today is trash day. It’s the day in which the waste company comes to our neighborhood and carries off the garbage produced by the neighborhood over the last week.

As I sat there, I began to pray for these workers. I expressed my thankfulness for the job that they do each day. And, I began to think about the “Man” who comes continually to my house to carry off the “trash” that I accumulate in my life.

Trash is produced as a product of living. Only dead people produce zero trash. As much as I want to live “green” – with little negative effect on my environment – I still realize that if I’m alive I will produce some trash or refuse.

We want to live in such a way that we have as little negative effect upon those in our world as possible. We want to be able to produce things that are good for meeting needs that will be able to be “recycled” and be refilled for use over and over again. Meeting needs – positive impact – little trash. It’s a noble goal for living.

As much as I long to produce zero refuse in my life I realize that is not a realistic goal. Living produces consumables, non-perishables and “throw aways”. Jesus knew this when He taught His disciples this prayer:

“Thy kingdom come” – “Lord, give us the non-perishable”

“Give us this day our daily bread” – “Lord, provide the consumables we need”

“Forgive us our debts” – “Lord, please take away my trash”

Unattended trash causes disease. It must be hauled away or it will have long term effects.

Next time you see the men take away your trash, thank them for their service.

And, thank God for the “Man” who hauls away our trash to the incinerator of Calvary.



4 thoughts on “The Trash Man

  1. Hey Pastor Parker, Ben Zetsche here. Just got back on WordPress after being away for awhile and found your blog. Love the post. Hope all is well!

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