It is Coming!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

If you go on to read the verses following verse one, you will see that, within the will of God, there are seasons of birthing and death, weeping and laughter, scattering and gathering, war and peace, etc. Seasons come and go despite what we do. Each season has an activity that is appropriate for that season. You do different activities in winter than you do in spring. 

Do you know what season it is?

The Lord has told me to encourage you. We are in a season in which it is possible to go from where you currently are to a better season of life. No matter where you are on the spectrum: destitution or anything in between, this is a season of harvest!

Are there conditions? Sure! Most of the time, there are conditions to a promise. If you are going to see God’s seasonal power, you are going to have to submit to Him. But, for those who recognize the season and the activities appropriate for that season – lookout!

Matthew 1:1-16 is a part of the Bible few are interested in. It lists the genealogy of Jesus. In that genealogy are listed many people; all who have had good and bad happen to them.

Notice the first few words of this chapter: This is the genealogy of Jesus. The people listed in the genealogy were a part of the story of Jesus. Therefore, the circumstances of the people’s lives within these chronicles lead to the appearance of Jesus! All of those listed that we read were less than perfect people, yet God used them in the appearance of Jesus!

We are going to focus in on one lady: Ruth. Her trip to prosperity included passing through destitution. Here’s how she responded to adversity.

This is the story of a family that was experiencing hard times. The family had relocated to Ruth’s home town just to survive. Ruth marries one of the two sons of the family after they arrive in her home town.

Ruth’s mother in law was named Naomi. During the family’s time in Ruth’s home town, Ruth lost her father in law, her husband, and her brother in law to death. That left Naomi, Ruth and her sister in law, Orpah to fend for themselves. In those days, it was very difficult for a woman to make a living by herself. If she had land, who would work it? Unless she had something she could sell on an ongoing basis, prospects were bleak.

Naomi is left with two daughters in law: Orpah and Ruth. Naomi hears that things are better back home so she decides to leave.  Naomi tells the two women that they should return home to their families. Life ahead for Naomi may not be easy and there is nothing left in her household for the two women.

A life changing decision; a destiny creating decision was made the day of this conversation. One daughter in law – Orpah kissed her mother in law and left. But, Ruth clung to her mother in law.

One was a “leaver” and the other was a “cleaver”. One made a decision based solely upon her own prospects. The other (Ruth) made a decision based upon her calling. She believed that she had been added to Naomi by God, therefore, her fortunes would be found in God’s plan and not outside of it!

The “leaver” didn’t make the genealogy of Jesus but the “cleaver” did!

This one decision set the course for everything that God would do later. If Ruth would have “kissed and said goodbye” then we would have heard nothing more about her. Instead, she clung to the will of God for her life!

When Naomi and Ruth arrive in Judah, the women of the city can’t believe they are coming home empty handed.

Naomi is so discouraged that she tells people:

Don’t call me Naomi (pleasant) anymore! From now on, my name (identity) is Mara (bitter).

Naomi believed that God had abandoned her and had become her enemy. Anyone ever feel that way?

Naomi really didn’t believe that anything could make a difference in her life at this point.  But, something outside of her control was happening that would serve as a catalyst for her and Ruth:

Naomi and Ruth arrived in Judah at harvest time! The season set the stage for what would be a dramatic turnaround in the life of Naomi and Ruth.

God used the circumstances of the season as a catalyst for a whole list of divine miracles for the two women.

The season is right for your turnaround! What is God telling you to do right now? Do it! Your harvest is at hand!





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