Undiscovered Room

I have been in a month of revelation from God. He has been giving me a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes and what He has planned and both are mind blowing! Part of this series of revelations involved a dream. I want to share with you one of the themes of the dream. I hope it will bless you!

Your godly inheritance is much larger than you know. There are rooms that at this time are fully operational and fully equipped but you have yet to discover these places. You have not discovered them yet because of sin or neglect but simply because of timing. Now is the time to step into new areas of your inheritance. The Spirit of God is in the process of unveiling or revealing new areas of ministry and revelation. When He shows you a new room – move into it! Begin to utilize all of what God has prepared for you.


There is provision already in store for the operation of the new areas you will inhabit. Don’t be afraid! It is already prepared, made accessible and the doors are open.


Some of the new rooms that are prepared for you to utilize are currently inhabited by the enemy. Not all – just some. These areas are yours – they are a part of your spiritual property – deeded spiritually to you but the enemy has moved in with the goal to stop you from utilizing them. It will take active warfare to evict the enemy. Prayer is a key to this new season. Fresh levels of revelation and discernment are available but you must decide to move into it. God is ordering the past to serve His current purposes so forget the past and focus on Him.

Things don’t have to be perfect to move forward. God is not looking at perfection but process. Things on this planet will always be in process. You are responsible for being in the middle of His processes. If you are, this is a season of new discovery! It is time to move into new areas of the inheritance of God!

Get closer to Him than ever. Set up an altar of fellowship with God in your house and visit there daily! Prayer is the key to your power! What He shows you, receive it and don’t reject it. Now is the time of not just visitation but habitation! See your inheritance, enter it, inhabit it, utilize it, glorify Him in it!



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