2018! A Word from the Spirit.

Before the beginning of a new year, I always ask the Lord for some insight into what He wants me to believe for as the new year begins. When I pray for this insight, I always double check myself to be sure that what I’m hearing is from the Holy Spirit and not some type of emotional foreboding or hope on my part. As I prayed and sought the Lord for 2018, this is the scripture the Lord led me to:

You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance. Psalm 65:11

As the month of January has progressed, I’ve continued to have unsolicited confirmations of this word. I believe that we have entered a season in which God will answer some prayers that have been before Him for a long time. Faithfulness in prayer and Spirit led living is going to be rewarded during this season. To the faithful: Get ready! God is up to something good!

2018 has been ordained and anointed with God’s goodness and for those who follow His pathways, you will find His exceeding, abundantly “above” materializing in your walk!

Be faithful and “cheer up!” God has heard your cries! This is a season of response!


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