Have you ever thought about the mystery of today?

We know “today” as a finite period of time. Today is a 24 hour period of time that will end when those 24 hours are up. Today lasts until tomorrow comes – right? When tomorrow comes, it will be a different day. But, when tomorrow comes, what is it?


If you think about it, “today” never really ends. No matter what day on the calendar it is right now, it is still today! We understand tomorrow as a concept, but when tomorrow arrives, it will be today. Today is where we live. We don’t live in tomorrow because tomorrow never really comes for us. We live in today – that is all we have available to us.

That is why today is so important to us. It is our moment of opportunity. Even if I make plans for tomorrow, those plans will be carried out on a day with a different number attached to it, but when I do act upon those plans, it will be today.

“Today” is a little like God.

I have a concept of tomorrow and I know that tomorrow exists. I am confident that tomorrow will come within my finite sense of control. I know that time exists beyond the moment – it is infinite. But, the experience that I have with time – the way that I know it is through “today”.

While I know that God is infinite – while I understand that He existed before me and exists beyond the moment I am in – I know Him through today – just as I know time. I know Him through my “now”.


Could there be a correlation between this concept and Jesus’ words:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Matthew 6:34

I will never possess tomorrow but I do possess today. Therefore, why should I worry about what will happen tomorrow? When tomorrow comes, it will be today and today is my moment of opportunity – not tomorrow.

Today is a great gift from God. It is my moment of opportunity – my chance to know God and respond to His voice.Today is omnipresent like God. It will always be with me as long as I live on this earth. Even into eternity, I will still be understanding its vastness, for my “today” will then last forever!

A new sunrise does not change the course of a life or the course of our destiny. Decisions made today change those courses. Work on what you have control over. What do you have absolute control over? The decisions you make today. A new sunrise does not change the course of life: the Presence of God does. If I know Him, I have that today.

Don’t waste today waiting for tomorrow. This day is a gift for you….to you. The possibilities in today have the power to change every today you will experience for the rest of your life!

“Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.” Hebrews 3:15

What is God telling you today?


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. To all the the immigrants who will be tormented by Trump and the alt-right for being different I say to you “Eemu Anu El ” God is with in your persecution.

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