The Sword of the Lord

At the beginning of every new year, many attempt to get a word that characterizes that year – what God has in store for that specific time. I myself try to get alone with the Lord and find out what He is saying to me and to the church I pastor at the close of each year and before the beginning of a new one.

I believe that God has His own calendar that He works within. Many people believe He works within the Jewish calendar since it is the one that God instituted. I have no problem with that line of thought. The Jewish New Year begins at Rosh Hashanah which usually occurs the first or second week of our month of September. This year, because of Leap Year, the Jewish New Year began in early October – the second to be exact. I usually hear the word the Lord has for me and the church around the time of Rosh Hashanah. I’ve already heard the word for the upcoming year.

Many folks try to ascertain what God is saying or going to do by looking at where we are on the Jewish calendar. Again, I have no problem with this view. I do believe the Jewish feasts play a large role in the prophetic purposes of God. Every significant event that surrounded the first coming of Christ happened on a Jewish feast day. Why would it seem strange that His second coming would also happen on corresponding Jewish feast days?

Ok, back to my exact point.

At the beginning of each Jewish New Year, those who believe God fulfills prophecy according to the Jewish calendar seek to find out what is in store according to factors surrounding the new year. This is done through a combination of biblical numerology, prophecy, signs in the heavens, etc. Too much to cover today.

Some believe that the current Jewish year 5777 carries significance. There are a lot of reasons for this but this to something I want to bring out.

In the Hebrew culture, each letter of the Alpha Bet has deep meaning. Each letter also corresponds to a number according to its numerical place in the Alpha Bet order. The number “7” corresponds to the Hebrew letter “zayin” which is the seventh letter in the Hebrew Alpha Bet. One intrinsic meaning of the Hebrew letter “zayin” is “sword”. The letter itself even looks like a sword. The Hebrew year we just entered has 3 “sevens” or “zayins” in it. In the Bible, seven is often used as the number to signify “completion” or “perfection”. The number “5” corresponds to “grace” or “salvation”. In Revelation, we see that the number of man is “666”. Therefore, the number of God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is 777.

Many see this year as the end of the time of grace and the beginning of the time of Christ’s return and judgment. Again, this conclusion comes from more factors than just numerology. Most of these same folks believe that three “sevens” or “zayins” in this year also signifies the appearance of the “sword of God’s judgment”.

In my spirit, I have heard the Lord speaking of the sword.

I do believe we are going to see the sword of the Lord go forth this year. This is great news for true believers and not such good news for those who are on the fence or unsaved. The primary instrument that corresponds with the sword of the Lord in the Bible is the Word of God.

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

In the book of Revelation, we see Jesus speaking a word and the word becomes a sharp sword that destroys His enemies.

The Lord told me at the beginning of this election cycle: “When I am done with my work in this season, you will know who everyone really is because I am in the process of revealing the deep things and uncovering the hidden things.”

I believe this has come to pass. We have had new revelations almost daily in this election – new revelations regarding what those running for office and in positions of authority have done. Due to the unconventional nature of this election and the candidates running, I have learned things I didn’t know about leaders who used to be in positions of authority in this land (Romney, Bush, etc.). This is revelation is going to continue into the year 2017.

The word of the Lord is going out to reveal who is really His and who is not. This year could also contain some serious judgments against people or things lined up against the will of God.

Could Jesus return this year?

I believe that is a possibility. I know many have tried to pin this time down and have failed. I am not going to definitively say it is, but many things are lining up prophetically as never before.

The prophecy shown above was given by a rabbi in the 1200’s. While this is not a prophecy found in the Bible, every event has taken place exactly as said so far! How interesting!

Are you ready for the year of the sword? If not, please, please make Jesus lord of all. The sword will divide, sever, and reveal. If you are under His lordship, it will reveal that. If not, it will reveal that as well.

This could be the best year of your life! You are one decision away from seeing the reality of what God has for you!



4 thoughts on “The Sword of the Lord

  1. Could you elaborate on possible judgments? Are these consequences? Just thinking out loud…are judgments the same as God’s wrath? The wrath was taken care of by Jesus. Just curious.

    1. Michele, the judgments that I’m referring to would be toward that which is in rebellion against God. I don’t rule out discipline for believers. I think that will happen too. Things that are in the way of God’s plan being
      confronted in a believer’s life. True believer’s experience discipline which is much different from judgment or punishment. Those things are reserved for those who refuse God’s grace. The great news is that I believe that the Word of God is going to go out in tremendous power for those who wield it according to God’s will.

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