I Am Rich

Hey, everyone! Hope you are doing well this week Just felt like talking for a few minutes.

It’s a cool morning here in DFW today. Cold front came through last night. Love the change! Makes the coffee even better in the mornings! What is it about a good cup of coffee in the morning? Not sure I can describe why it is so wonderful but I thank God for this simple pleasure.

Had a new grand daughter recently – Grace Magdalene. She is my fifth grandchild under the age of six! It’s crazy when we all get together, but its a good crazy, you know? I used to wonder what it would be like to have grand children – would I feel the same about them as I do my children? Well, the feeling is very strong – I love those little ones! I thank God for them! I don’t have a lot of money nor am I rich in things people in the US consider riches, but I feel rich when I spend time with those kids!

My wife – she sure is something special. I’ve never met another person who has such a heart to serve others. She routinely takes care of an elderly woman in town who is 92 years old. The lady’s only son passed away in a plane crash years ago and she has no relatives in town. My wife buys her groceries and bathes her and takes her to the doctor and out to the cemetery to see her son’s grave. My wife is an inspiration to me – she is an example of how we are to treat others. I thank God for her. She makes my life richer.

I know that there people out there who read this blog regularly. I don’t know why you do. I don’t take any credit for anything that comes out of this that might encourage someone and I mean that sincerely. I do take time to visit many of the other blogger sights. I have fallen in love with many of your lives. I won’t mention names here because you may not want me to, but my heart goes out to you. I do pray for you when I read your struggles. I thank God for the wonderful things I have seen happen in your lives. You make my life richer because when I read your writings I get to feel the love God has for you.

I’m 56 years old – almost 57! I have seen the ugly side of life. I have shot myself in the foot so many times. I have experienced losses. I have seen things disappear because of my own stupidity and because of the uncertain nature of life.

So, everything has not always been rosy. But, I have appreciated grace much more because of the pain I’ve experienced. Rain always smells better after a drought. Thank God for the rain. I now realize that what used to make me depressed has a purpose in life. It may not be my favorite season but winter does have a purpose. I know a lot of things necessary to life happen during winter. But, if nothing else, it makes me appreciate spring that much more! I’ve not always been able to – but I thank God for the good and bad. Now, I’m a little more seasoned and what I’ve been through created a bridge to others – to feel with them and to love them and to want to hold them when they hurt. It surprises me but my pain has enriched me. I thank God for that.

Rich. I am rich. My riches can’t be put into a bank or calculated by an accountant as personal wealth, but I am rich.


4 thoughts on “I Am Rich

  1. Pastor Parkey, I am so very rich myself to know you, Rhonda, all your children. When I read your posts, as you say of the ones you read, I feel as though we are sitting, talking, as we did years ago. God brought us together and I know at times I’ve isolated, but have always kept God close, praying mostly talking with Him. I kind of know how you feel about your grandchildren, when Maria was with me, her three sons had a total of eight children, and when we would all get together, whew, what a warm house we had, mostly… I watched 33 of them grow from birth, and doctors to playgrounds, was a real blessing at that time, rich blessing. Thank you for being you. Rhonda is a very special gift God gave you, I thank God for knowing all of you. I continue to pray for you, your family, all of Capstone Staff, families, members, everyone walking into the doors be protected and blessed 100 fold, in Jesus name.

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