I Will Not Die!

There was a period in my life in which I was going through such a difficult time that I actually thought I might not make it through. I’m not being overly dramatic – I was not sure that I would live through what was happening to me. My emotions were dark, my hope was very dim, my physical body was being affected negatively by my condition. I was not doing well at all.

I know that others can get to this place in life just like I did. I know that others are at this place right now.

One night, I was sitting in a Wednesday evening church service. I felt as if I was barely keeping my head above water. I don’t even remember who was speaking that night but I remember one thing that they said. The speaker quoted a scripture and it served as a life preserver for me until the full truth of my deliverance broke through to set me free. I want to share that scripture with you.

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. Psalm 118:17

When I heard this scripture, I felt as if God Himself was reaching right into my seat telling me that things were going to turn out alright. Specifically, this is what I heard:

What I was going through was not going to kill me.

Up to that point, I felt as if I was going down. But, when I heard this word, hope moved back into the vacant place it had once lived and, even though my battle was not completely over, I knew that I was going to make it through!

God still had a purpose for my life.

When you are feeling like I was, you wonder if your life is over – if you have any purpose left. When I heard this word, I knew that God had purpose for me. I was going to be used by God to declare His power.

God still loves me.

God doesn’t use those whom are not in a relationship with Him. Therefore, if I was going to declare the works of the Lord, then no matter what I was feeling, He and I were still in a relationship – still on good terms. My emotions were not a sign that He had forsaken me or left me.

What I’m going through will be part of my future purpose.

The current struggle I was in was not in vain. The pain was not in vain; the darkness was not in vain; the fear was not in vain. It was all going to be used as part of my future. Therefore, how I handled my present situation was very important. My situation was not random but was strategic. I knew that I needed to pay close attention to what God was saying to me during those days because what He said and did would serve as the foundation for my future life.

My situation didn’t immediately change, but my perspective did. I began to draw near to God and trust Him even in the days that were bleak. Since I’m writing to you, you may have already surmised that the situation didn’t kill me. Since, I’m writing to you, you may see that God used what I was going through as part of my future purpose. Since, I’m praising God as the source of my deliverance, you can know that He loved me through the situation.

Yes, I am out of what I was going through then and you will come out too! The beauty is that your future purpose and your present situation are overlapping and the work that needs to be done in your emotions and body will manifest!

Don’t give up!! There is no name on this earth: cancer, mental illness, depression, even death that is greater than the Name of Jesus! Let me pray for you:

Lord, I pray that you will touch the one reading this testimony with the power of the Holy Spirit and will encourage them through strength in their inner being! I pray that they will draw close to You and will allow others who love You into their life to minister to them! I know that what they are going through is unpleasant, but I also know that You never waste a hurt! Heal them, dear God! Let them know that what they are going through won’t have the final word in their life! Thank You that You are our Deliverer and our Strong Tower!

In Jesus Name!

Now, say it out loud so you can hear it:

I will not die! I will not die!! I will not die!!!! I will live and declare the works of the Lord!!!!!



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