Ordained Change

It is common, at the beginning of a new year to break out all the scriptures that speak of new beginnings. I have shared these scriptures before when leaving behind one year and entering another. I’m concerned that too often, we have done this simply because of a change in the calendar and not at the leading of the Spirit. Just because the calendar rolls forward does not mean that a season has ended. I don’t want to announce change when none is scheduled on the “heavenly calendar”.

There are several things that I do see this year that indicate real change.

First, this is a Shemitah year on the Jewish calendar.

The Jews were commanded by God to sow and reap their land for six years, and on the seventh year, they were to allow the land to rest and they were to eat from what had been produced through the previous six year’s harvest.  The principle of the shemitah year is one of rest, dependence upon God, and restoration.

This is not only a Shemitah year but it is also the Jewish Year of Jubilee.

Every seventh shemitah (end of 49 years), the Jewish people were to have their debts cancelled and were allowed to regain any inheritance that may have been sold. This law kept the Jewish people from permanently losing their inheritance, as well as breaking cycles of bondage from their lives.

Think of this: at least once in their lifetime, each Jewish individual was given a new beginning – a “do over” by God!

Much has been made about the four blood moons (lunar eclipses) the last one occurring on the Feast of Tabernacles. Many believe that when you couple these signs from the heavens with the arrival of the shemitah and Year of Jubilee, special things are going to happen!

While I can’t be sure of what all this means, I do know that we are entering a year of new beginnings – a “do over” year on the calendar. Since this year began on the Jewish calendar in September, I’ve seen some interesting and amazing things happen in our church and in the lives of people in the church.

For the first time in a while, I believe that we are not going to be just talking about change but actually seeing it!

Remember the principle of the shemitah: trust and dependence upon God. This is your part to play in what otherwise will be a supernatural year.If you trust God and truly depend upon Him through faith and obedience, get ready!

What are you praying for? What are you believing God for? What is held in bondage that needs to be released?

I believe that this is a year of ordained change! Believe God, get into position, and stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!




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