The Answer May be Growing up Beside You

I’ve been reading in the gospels again. I started in the book of Luke.

As I read, my mind wandered to the situation of the Israelis under Roman rule. I thought of each passing day and how long those days must have seemed at times as the Israelis lived under a power that was not in their control. I thought about the days when it seemed as if things couldn’t get worse and then, they did as their masters would announce some new law that would further oppress the Israelis and take away their liberties. I thought of the times that individuals must have cried out for change; prayed for it and yet, never seemed to see those cries and prayers answered.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Have you been at a place in life where it seems nothing is going right and there is little or no hope for change?

Then I read about the city of Nazareth in Israel. It seems a boy was born to parents that lived in that city. Ordinary family – ordinary boy, it seemed. The townspeople didn’t even get to celebrate his birth due to his parents’ trip to Bethlehem to register for some new tax the Roman emperor was implementing. The circumstances surrounding his mother’s pregnancy were always a mystery. Some said he was conceived before his parents were married. Word was he was born in a stable because his parents couldn’t find room in a decent place. Not a great beginning to an already scandal shrouded life.

But upon the family’s return, he seemed normal enough. Just like the other kids of Nazareth – born in an “out of the way place” that had never produced anyone of consequence; destined for life in the fields and a grave in the cemetery outside of town.

I wonder how many days someone cried out in Nazareth – “God, help us!!! Have you truly forsaken us? Where are the miracles that our fathers told us about? You have forsaken us to live in agony and desperation!”

While the cries ascended to the sky, I wonder did the little boy born under mysterious circumstances ever hear them? Was he standing close by and able to observe the pain of the people?

Did the people of Nazareth ever think that one of the “rug rats” running around in the dirt of Nazareth might actually be the answer to their prayers? Did they realize that God had already prepared their deliverance and it was growing up right in the middle of their desperation?

What about you – have you considered that the answer to your prayer may already be somewhere within your reach? Could it be disguised; dressed as the least likely to be used for assistance? With some patience and trust in God, might it grow up to deliver you?

Just some random thoughts for today. The answer to your prayer may already be in your life; disguised until the day of deliverance. Maybe the cries and prayers are being heard by a God who is not somewhere way off, but living very close by.

Love you guys!


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