Going Backward Instead of Forward

“And they said to one another, ‘We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt.” Numbers 14:4

The campaign race for the next presidential election has already begun. We have seen several different people “throw their hat into the ring” by announcing their candidacy for President of the United States.

As I watch this unfold, I cannot help but look at the current condition of our country. We would not be truthful unless we acknowledged that our nation is in spiritual distress. I saw a CNN poll today which stated that religious affiliation is dropping quickly, especially among Millennials. According to this article, just over 70% of people in the U.S. identify themselves as Christian. This number has dropped 8% in seven years; the last time that Pew Research took the poll. One third of Millennials now say that they are unaffiliated with any faith. This is up 10% in the last seven years. 23% of the American adult population now consider themselves as having no faith affiliation. This surpasses the amount who consider themselves Catholic (21%) and is almost the same amount as those who call themselves Evangelicals (25.4%) and ahead of mainline Protestants (14.7%).

CNN.com article: Christian Share of Population Drops Quickly Daniel Burke May 12, 2015

These numbers are troubling.

With one third of our population basically “disengaged” from biblical foundations and an unspecified, yet realistic percentage of the Evangelicals,mainline Protestants and Catholics not avid readers of the Bible, we see why our society is where it is today. Yes, the church shares in the “blame” for the spiritual problems, although, to assess total blame to the church would be wrong. There is more going on than simply “bad programs” and “failure to connect”.

My point today has to do with the future of our nation.

We have been suffering for many years because of the lack of a “true North” moral compass in our society. What people say they believe is not what shapes a nation – how they live does! A true belief in biblical solutions to personal and societal problems is waning in this land. This country must address the question: “How shall we live?” The answer to this question will determine public policy and, therefore who we choose to lead us to that goal. Whether we want to acknowledge it or whether we want to be in denial, the truth is that if things do not change spiritually very quickly, true belief in Christ will not just shrink but will be considered a “problem” and will be legislated out of American society. Don’t laugh! Just consider the ramifications of the same-sex decision before the Supreme Court right now. There is much more behind a decision for same-sex marriage than the right to marry. It will not stop there. If you think that it will, you are not truly understanding the dynamics of the issue.

I’m not looking to a political leader to fix the problems of this nation, but the wrong one can certainly be a hindrance!

In the book of Numbers, the Israelites reached the place in which they decided that the answer to their situation was to find a leader to lead them back to Egypt. Scripturally,Egypt represents the world and its systems. The children of Israel wanted someone to take them “back” – to a place that was lousy but comfortable in the sense that they knew what to expect. Yes, bondage is “reliable” – if your captive today, the likelihood is that you’ll wake up captive tomorrow.

Is that what we really want? Are we OK with existing without greatness? Do we really want to “dumb down” to the place where we have nothing to offer to anyone else?

America has never settled for this before, but I fear that is exactly where we are headed! American exceptionalism came not from our intelligence but from our character. Let’s learn from history.The leaders of Nazi Germany were very intelligent people but lacked character. Intelligence and morality are not the same thing! Leaning solely upon intelligence opens doors to ideas that seem right but are devoid of feeling and compassion. Cruelty and compassion can link arms together and do atrocious things. It has happened before and can happen again!

It will take courage to elect the right leader for this nation in the next election cycle. As a nation, we fear people of strong conviction. If this nation is to be changed, that fear must be done away with. We must look for leaders who are people of strong conviction who do not lie to the American people about who they really are: presenting themselves one way during elections and then telling us they have since “evolved” in their beliefs.

I’m going to be voting for the person who has the moral compass needed to assist in turning this nation around. I’m not worried about who has the most experience or who is the slickest speaker. Please pray diligently about who has the moral character to make the difficult decisions needed today.

When you get that answer, take action to see that they get elected! We don’t need any more leaders with their eyes focused on Egypt! We’re not interested in going backward; we are going forward into the destiny that God has for us as a nation!!!

God, give us wisdom for the destiny of our land is at stake!!!


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