Not a Wimper but a Roar!!!

“For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Last night, I got a glimpse into what is possible with God.

I had a dream. The dream is too intricate to describe in detail; too much happened for me to be able to accurately describe each event but I will do my best to relate what I remember. In this dream, I was walking through different modern day environments. At some points, I would be in stores or simply walking down sidewalks. At other times, I was in restaurants or in a room with several people. I was simply moving about in different settings just as if taking a walk. While walking, I was watching what was going on around me and discerning what was happening in the lives of those I saw.

To get an important point of the dream, you must grasp two things:

1. The people were exactly the same in attitude and spiritual zeal as those we see around us on a daily basis. Most were not spiritual at all. A few were hungry spiritually. The problems I saw were also the same as we see in modern America; I saw violence, indifference, demonic oppression, and there were people just living “everyday life.”

2. The people were diverse ethnically. I remember seeing people that represented almost all ethnic groups we see around us on a daily basis.

In other words, this was where we live! Nothing like what we would call revival was happening!

In the dream, I remember that I was learning how and when to use the power of God. It was like I was learning as I went along. I remember that, at times, I was preaching to or teaching groups. Once in the dream, I was supposed to speak and had forgotten my Bible, but the Holy Spirit brought to my mind what He wanted me to say and gave me the biblical reference for it.

One of the things that I most remember is this: I had an unshakable confidence in the power of God! I knew that God’s power was greater than anything I would face!

I would see things happening and would discern their source. At times, I would stop and ask someone who was sick or oppressed, “Do you want to be free?” At other times, I would stop and ask people, “Do you want to be saved?” Some would say, “yes” and at other times some would shake their heads and say, “no”. If they said “yes” I would release the power of God upon them. In every instance, they were delivered instantly of what was happening. I saw a couple of people who were demon possessed. One was delivered. The other wasn’t because the person wanted to cling to the spirit. The power was available even to defy the elements, but that was not the focus: the focus was upon the deliverance of people and the glorification of God. I remember prophesying to people. I prophesied over one young child and told him that he would be a man of great power in the Kingdom of God. Some people would come to me unsolicited and would ask for deliverance or a spiritual breakthrough. In each instance, whatever was needed happened!

During the dream, I was attacked by those who didn’t like the message. I remember two men attacked me in a restaurant and sought to physically hurt me. I didn’t fight them I just shouted to God with all my might.

An explosion happened that didn’t wound bystanders but destroyed the attackers! It was unbelievable!!

We had a place of refuge in the dream – a place those who loved God went to be together. At one point, Satan and his armies (these were not just demons but people) attacked the refuge.  At the beginning of the attack, the enemy army couldn’t even get close. Later in the dream,they were able to get very close; even banging on the doors. In the dream, Satan took the form of a woman whose first attack against me was seduction. I told Satan, “This is not going to work!” and the seductive attack ceased.The people of God held off the attack and even sent it back to where it came from. A “hedge” of beautiful flowering plants was established around the refuge of those who loved God and the enemy couldn’t penetrate the “hedge”.

Here’s an interesting side point:

When I woke up, the spirit of discernment was still so strong upon me that I was able to know what was going to happen next. I moved a little in bed. My wife began to stir next to me and what the Spirit showed me would happen in the next few minutes happened!

I know this sounds incredible! It was the most incredible experience of this type I had ever had!!

Brothers and sisters, the time is close in which God is going to release great power and the time is also close in which Satan is going to attack like never before!

But, the time is now in which you and I must begin to walk in this life of increased faith!

We are not to wait upon some “spiritual event” to bring an outpouring of the Spirit, we are to begin to walk in the confidence of our God right now!!!!

Everything begins with a first step. The first step for us is to increase our confidence in His ability to perform His word! Yes, we will learn as we go along but learning will not stop the flow so don’t be afraid to make mistakes! We can’t allow our fears to hinder what God is going to do in this hour!

I realize that dreams are not Scripture so please, pray over this dream biblically.  Could it be that the church is not going to go out with a “wimper” but with a “roar”?

“Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40

God, not my will but yours be done!!!!!


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