Darkness in Absence of Light

“This is is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.” 1 John 1:5-7

There are a few points from this passage that I would like to bring out today that I know will help both you and I.

Darkness is very simply the absence of Light.

Darkness has a few characteristics that are negative in nature.

A. It is hard to see in the darkness.

Mankind was created to discern the nature of things by what can be seen with the eyes. We use what we see to determine how dangerous things are, how far or near we are to something, how an object can be used to fulfill a certain purpose, whether or not something is of use at all, and how an object will fit with other things in our lives. While this is not an exhaustive list, it sums up how we use our sight to judge purpose.

Now, if the environment we are living in is too dark to adequately see, then we will have trouble properly discerning what is before us and of what use it is to us. Not all “seeing” is done by our physical eyes; much “seeing” is done in the Spirit of God. If you live in darkness, you will have trouble knowing what the nature of something truly is and will make mistakes by placing it in your life when it should be discarded or by discarding it when there is a place for it in your world. Darkness exists as an entity only through the absence of light. Once light appears, it drives darkness out – overpowers it by its very nature. God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all. If He is not in your life, darkness is present and the affects of darkness are at work in your “discerner.” We can’t blame bad decisions in life on the “unfairness” of our world. If we are living in darkness, we will make errors in judgment. Do you want to have revelation that is necessary for healthy living? Turn on the Light!

B. Darkness is used to cover deadly deeds.

Darkness has usefulness to entities that have stealing, killing, and destroying as a goal. Most deeds that are deadly are done under the cover of darkness. As a child, I had a fear of the “boogeyman” that was hiding in the darkness in my room; under my bed and in my closet. Darkness provided an opportunity for danger to operate unseen against me.

“Demons” operate best in areas of darkness – places that are devoid of the Light of God. They twist and pervert and intimidate best in the darkest environs. Humans love darkness because their deeds are evil and in the darkness, there is no restraint for their actions. Do you want to be free of the “demons” of darkness? Turn on the Light!

C. Things don’t grow well in darkness.

Most things that we enjoy on a daily basis are products of the light. Trees, flowers, grass, food – most things need light to grow to their potential. Darkness stunts the growth of most things – causing them to shrivel into a shell of their healthy selves and if not remedied, darkness chokes the life from them completely. Psychologists say that people need light or depression can set in making life seem dim and hopeless. Do you want your life to grow into its fullest potential? Turn on the Light!

Darkness and light cannot coexist.

Since darkness is the absence of light, then light and darkness cannot exist in the same environment. If we say that we have fellowship with God – that is close knit communion with Him that includes a joining of the two, then we cannot have darkness operating in the same place in which that communion is happening. If you are in Christ, desires that rule your heart that produce behaviors contrary to God’s will and way will not be able to continue to dominate you.

Darkness is a “killer” of true fellowship between people.

If we live in the light, with God as our light, then true fellowship between people is possible. If we allow God, who is the true Light to live within our lives, then darkness is exposed and eliminated thus removing the obstacles to a transparent and healthy relationship between individuals. True “relationship killers” can only exist in the absence of the ruling power of Light. In the Light, these “killers” are exposed, repented of, and removed with the affect being true fellowship between people and true freedom for those dwelling in the Light.

Here’s a truth that I learned years ago that has helped me in my relationship with God and others.

If I am having trouble loving others, then the problem lies between me and God!

Remove darkness – remove self defeating behaviors and attitudes. Live in darkness and this is the result:

My discernment will be negatively affected causing me to choose badly.

Demons will have free reign to steal from me; kill my ability to live free from worldly standards, and destroy the labor of my sweat and blood.

Things in my life will live below the potential that is possible.

And……….there is one other thing – Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness. If I continue to live removed from the domain of Light, then I am as responsible for the murder of Jesus as those who cast their votes against Him and nailed His hands and feet to the cross!

What is the answer?

Get into Him as quickly as possible and you will find the Light that is needed to guide your feet and illuminate your path! And, you will experience the liberty from sin and its consequences known only to those who bath themselves in the Light!


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