It Will Never Lose It’s Power

Hebrews 9:22: “And according to the law almost all things are purged with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no remission.”

Some of you may remember the movie, “Rocky III.” At one point in the movie, Mickey, who was Rocky’s trainer and mentor told Rocky that he would not train him for a boxing match with the number one contender Clubber Lang. Mickey didn’t want to train Rocky because he felt Rocky could not win the fight. When Rocky asked Mickey why he felt the way he did, Mickey responded by saying, “One of the worst things happened to you that can happen to a fighter: you got civilized.”

Sometime early on in the life of Christianity, people began to try to “civilize” the gospel.

Universities were built to educate people about the gospel. Soon, degrees were handed out to those who had mastered scholarly study of the Bible. The handing out of degrees led to the prestige of the educated. This prestige led to the educated seeking acceptance for their message and their profession within society. The desire for acceptance led to a reduction in focus upon certain parts of the gospel considered “undesirable” by society. This change in focus led to a downplaying of sin. This downplaying of sin led to ignoring the very center of the gospel: the shedding of the blood of Jesus.

There is a fact that is inescapable:

Christianity is a bloody religion!

Our sins are not simply “mistakes” that we can ignore or laugh off. Every sin that we commit is an affront to the character of God. Each time I choose sin rather than the ways of God, I call God a “liar, ignorant and powerless,” therefore defaming His true character. God is love but for love to be true, it must have justice as one of its pillars. Where you find affection without justice, you find a “cheap love” – one that devalues the very object it declares to extol.

Can you really experience freedom in love without trust? Can you experience true vulnerability without protection? Is true love possible without value for the one loved and the one giving love?

When we sin against God, we are telling Him by our actions that we do not trust His motives. We also tell Him that we do not value what He had done for us nor do we value His attributes.

How can God say He loves us and not protect the vulnerability that is shared in true community?

God’s protection is seen through His justice. Sin is a direct rejection of God’s character and love and deserves judgment because of the danger it holds for us and others.

“For the wages of sin is death……” Romans 6:23

Each sin we commit has the death sentence hanging over it. We become so used to sin and so used to justifying it that we forget this reality: Justice cannot be served without the shedding of blood!

But, thanks be to God that there is more to Romans 6:23:

“But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

I have to pay for my sin. Unless someone worthy steps up and takes the punishment for me………….My destiny is death.

Jesus shed His blood to make forgiveness a possibility for me! He wouldn’t have died if He didn’t desire to forgive. This is all about Him: His goodness, His character, His undying love. Thank you, Jesus for allowing me to see You as you really are!

Now, think about something for a moment:

If our sins deserve death and the Judge decides to step in and die for me so that He can forgive me and offer me a way to walk in freedom and eternal security – what do I deserve if I reject this extravagant act of benevolence????

Christianity loses its “fight” and we lose our battle when we try to civilize the reality of what Jesus did for us.

Jesus shed His blood for me and I thank God for every drop. When I take communion, I remember that my redemption is not derived from believing a philosophy, but from the brutal, bloody death of the Son of God.

I don’t want to “civilize” my faith. I’ll hold on to the crown of life by remembering that I’m a product of the blood, sweat, and tears of God!

If you value what God has done, you cannot ignore the blood of Jesus. If you ignore the blood of Jesus, you cannot truly value what God has done.

The Blood will never lose it Power!


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