Don’t Allow Noise to Drown the Dream

We’ve been talking for a few weeks about, “Realizing your Dream.” The scriptural backdrop for our talk is the book of Nehemiah.

So far, we have talked about how a dream from God begins, how to get your dream validated, how to take the first step, how to overcome opposition to the dream, and how to keep God’s blessing on the dream throughout the life of the dream.

Today, we will go a step deeper. I want to take a look at something that every dreamer in God faces; something I’m calling “spiritual white noise.”

 Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem were nearing the completion of the vision God had given to them. The work on the walls of Jerusalem was nearing completion. When the enemy senses that you are about to complete a step in the Spirit, it is not unusual for him to mount a new attack to stop you. We read about this new attack on Nehemiah and the people in chapter six. Let’s take a look at a few things to see what happened and how Nehemiah made it through.

  1. Don’t let the enemy confuse your vision.

To disguise this new move to stop the walls from being completed, the enemy changed his tactics. Instead of coming at Nehemiah with a frontal assault or through intimidation, the enemy tried diplomacy.

What to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to can be a very difficult thing to discern. The enemies of Nehemiah’s vision sent what appeared to be a conciliatory letter asking for a meeting. At this point in time, can you imagine the thoughts that went through Nehemiah’s mind: maybe they are seeking peace – that is a godly goal. Shouldn’t I take up their offer? Isn’t that what God would want? At this point, the vision God gave Nehemiah could have become clouded. But Nehemiah remembered two things: one, God had called him to finish the wall of Jerusalem. Second, the enemy had no historical claim to input regarding the vision. Therefore, Nehemiah didn’t need permission from them to do anything. A person who is going to fulfill God’s vision for their life must know the difference between what is “good” and what is “God.” The best way to obtain peace was to finish what God had told him to do. Otherwise, this was probably just a trap.

Don’t allow the enemy to confuse your goals. If God has told you to do something, finish it! This will give you a greater position of strength from which to take further steps down the road!

  1. Watch what voices you listen to.

Since the diplomatic approach didn’t work, the enemy tried a crafty trick. To get to Nehemiah, the enemy began to malign his motives. The enemy had been watching Nehemiah and knew that he took care regarding his actions inside Jerusalem. He knew that Nehemiah cared about his motives being pure. Therefore, the enemy began to malign Nehemiah’s motives believing that since motives were important to Nehemiah, he would respond to the enemies’ invitation to set the record straight.

Doesn’t everyone care about their motives? “Why” we are doing something is just as important as “what” we are doing! Therefore, wouldn’t it be prudent to respond to the enemies attack against his motives?

Here’s something each of you should know:

  1. Who should answer questions regarding your motives?
  2. Who should be allowed to ask these questions?

Nehemiah had the wisdom to know that questions regarding his motives were not to be asked by the enemy! And, he knew that the enemy was not who he asked about his motives!

Nehemiah’s motives were between him and God! God will put valid sources in your life to help you answer questions of motive. Don’t allow the enemy to ask about your motives or to input regarding your motives! The answer he will give you will always be a trap!

  1. Watch out for the prophets!!

Ok, now I’m going to get a little sticky! But, you need to listen to this because it does happen!

The next attack of the enemy came through Nehemiah’s own camp. The enemy knew Nehemiah wanted to please God, so he used God’s prophets to speak to Nehemiah!

There are four types of people in your camp:

  1. Those who mean well but don’t have the word from God.
  2. Those who mean well but speak from the soul realm.
  3. Those who are “hired” by the enemy.
  4. Those who carry the word from the Lord for the hour.

I have always had all four in my camp!!!

One person can move in all of these categories at different times!

It is a challenge for any godly person to know “who is who” and “what is what!”

What you hear from any prophet should be confirmed to you by God Himself! If you are not sure it is a word from God, don’t do it until you know it is! Words from the Lord should confirm what God has told you or should be confirmed by the Lord. If it brings confusion, don’t act on it until you know it is from God! If it contradicts what God has shown you, don’t listen to it!

Most importantly, keep your heart open to the Great Shepherd! If you do, He will lead you even when you don’t know “what is what!” I have found out that God always puts people in our lives to help us discern the voice of God. Know who they are and keep them close and stay submitted to them.

Don’t allow Spiritual “White Noise” to drown out your dream!! Keep focused on what God told you to do! “Finishers” are a rare commodity nowadays! 

Become a “finisher” and God will make your enemies to live at peace with you! 

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7



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