The Bittersweet Moment of a Miracle

This week is a significant week in the life of my family. My youngest daughter is getting married.

My wife and I dropped her off at the airport last Thursday. The ceremony is in New Mexico and she was going early to make preparations. Things have been moving at “light speed” in my life lately. In my mind, I had not “put together” the fact that I would not see her again until the wedding day. I was on a mission: get her to the airport on time!

After dropping her off, my wife began to cry – not just cry but to sob. Suddenly, it hit me – my daughter is getting married! For thirty miles, we didn’t say much. My mind was filled with memories:

I thought about how I used to hold my daughter in my lap and read the book, “The Little Red Hen” to her. We would finish each page with my daughter quoting the last line of the book – “And she did!” I heard her voice like it was yesterday again!

I thought about the time that there was a gas leak in front of our home. The noise of the machinery fixing the leak went day and night, so my wife and two daughters went to grandma’s house to stay until the job was finished. As I was about to kiss my youngest daughter goodbye for a few days, she pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and promptly told me, “Go into the house daddy!” She was so bossy!

I thought about the teenage “discussions” we had – about what she thought she was ready for and what we thought she was ready for! I thought about the times at the ballpark watching her play softball for her school. All these memories flooded my mind and as they did, deep sadness overtook me.

Change can be a very difficult reality for us. The thought that some moments in life are forever “history” brings about a sense of finality that is difficult to bear. Some things change and will never be quite the same as they were before. It causes me to have to reevaluate my roles and to adjust to new situations. It makes me think forward to the day when my time here will be over – have I done a good enough job preparing my family for what is to come? Change is coming……….ready or not!

I try to “cheer” myself with these words: “I’m not losing a daughter, I’m gaining a son!” Truly, the young man my daughter is marrying is a godly, responsible, wonderful person! I am happy she is marrying such a godly man.

But, there is something else that comforts me that I want to share with you today. 

In John, chapter two, we find the account of Jesus at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. A problem occurred during the reception; the hosts ran out of wine for their guests! Jesus was informed of the situation by His mother. Jesus told the servants at the feast, “Fill the waterpots that you have with water. After they are filled, draw out some and take it to the master of the feast.”

What went into the waterpots? Water. There is no disputing what was in the pots.

After obeying Jesus’ direction to fill the pots with water, the next step is striking: “Draw out some…”

Wine and water are two different properties; chemically, they are quite different. You cannot make wine out of water alone – it is impossible! Now, Jesus directs the servants to take the water to the master of the feast. This is the moment of transformation – the moment when miracles happen. Will the servants be bold enough to dispense and believe for Jesus to make it into something it is not?

Miracles don’t happen until some form of dispensation takes place!

I believe that if I allow Jesus to take something in my life (my daughter) and use it how He sees fit – a miracle will happen!

This is the bittersweet moment of a miracle – the moment in which you realize that you are no longer in control and that, unless God does something…..well, you fill in the blank!

God is waiting on us to trust Him enough to give to Him our cares and even the precious things in our lives! Until we do, miracles remain conversation topics rather than experiences!

So……………I release expecting miracles! And, you should too!

In the book, “The Little Red Hen” always did what was needed for the situation. Will you do what is needed to see your miracle?

The last line of the book tells us whether or not the little red hen experienced her breakthrough – my daughter loved to quote the line.

“And she did!”

If you believe enough to trust God and give Him what He is asking for………… will too!


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