Insignificant Reward

Today I want to finish the story I’ve been telling you of David’s mighty men.

I told you about the man they called, “couch potato” – a man who had done nothing of consequence in his life – a man who decided he was going to make a stand for something important. We talked about how he stood his ground, how God anointed his stand and when the battle was over and the smoke had cleared, how he had killed 800 enemy soldiers in battle! The man who had been known as “couch potato” stood against insurmountable odds and won a great victory! After the battle, he was no longer known as “couch potato” but he was known as “medal” – a testament to the decorations he no doubt received for his bravery!

We also talked about Eleazar. This young man was the son of Dodo. Many can relate – many feel as if they are coming from a family line that is a failure, one that will surely end up in extinction or obscurity. On a bad day for David’s men; a day when everyone was in full retreat, Eleazar decided he was tired of running. He fought on and on until there were no more enemies to fight. When the battle was over and David’s men returned to the scene, there was Eleazar standing tall! Eleazar refused to give in and had fought so long that his fellow soldiers had to pry the sword from his hand! Eleazar and his sword had become one! Eleazar changed the future for his family and his fellow warriors!

Today, we will look at our final man – his name is Shammah.

Shammah is an awesome name. It can be translated to mean, “God is present with me!” How would you like to have that as your identity?

To really believe that God is with you can make a difference in how you live! This was evidenced in the life of Shammah.

One day, a battle raged between the enemy and David’s men. The forces of the enemy were determined – they gathered together into a troop and made a concerted attack against the men of Israel. The place where the battle was fought was a piece of ground used as farm land. It was a place where lentils were raised. A lentil is a type of bean.

The battle was fierce and the children of Israel retreated before the enemy. I can just hear them saying, “Let’s find a better place to make a stand! Who wants to die fighting over a bean field! We’ll turn and fight when we come to something worth defending and dying for!”

Everyone retreated but one man – Shammah. 

I can just hear what Shammah must have been thinking, “This is only a bean field, but it is God’s bean field! I will not allow the enemy to take what is God’s!”

So, Shammah made his stand all alone in the field of lentils. But, was he alone?

No, his identity was that God was with him! He knew that, if God is with him and if he is fighting over something that belongs to God, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be – God will win the victory!

The Bible tells us that the Lord brought about a great victory that day!

You may be tempted to flee, thinking that God is not going to be concerned about something so insignificant as what is going on in your life. Listen to me – you may feel as if you are only a “bean field” among life’s treasures but you are God’s!”

God is with you and He bought you with His blood! That makes you valuable and everything that is in your life important to Him!

How many “Shammah’s” do we have in the house today? Take your stand, fight for your family and for your life! God will not allow you to be defeated when you put your faith and trust in Him! Not one life is insignificant to Him!

That includes you!!!!!



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