Indefinable Fatigue

Before David became king of Israel, an interesting group of characters gathered around him. There was little spectacular about these fellas; as a matter of fact, the Bible describes them this way in 1 Samuel 22:2 – “All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander. About four hundred men were with him.”


What a group!

How would you like to be leader over a group of people no one else wanted?

Some type of interesting “total makeover” transformation process was happening in the caves and forests in which David and his men hid from King Saul!

This group became what was called “David’s mighty men!”

I told you the account of one of those men last time. We talked about how this man won victory in the face of insurmountable odds.

Now, we will look at another of these men. This one fought on and won victory in the face of indefinable fatigue.

This is the story of Eleazar the son of Dodo. Remarkable name! Oh, Eleazar is not so bad, but how would you like to be known as “the son of Dodo?” Many of you may relate! You may feel as if you came from a background that left you ill prepared for success in life. Well, listen to what happened in this guy’s life!

Eleazar was on the battle field during a fight between David’s men and the Philistines. It was not a good day: David’s men were in full retreat. However, for some reason, Eleazar became tired of running. “Sons of Dodo” often do reach the point in which they get tired of being bullied. With no one with him except God, Eleazar decided to make his stand.

He arose and attacked the Philistines. The Bible tells us that Eleazar fought until his hand was weary and it “stuck to his sword!”

Have you ever held onto anything long enough that you had to “pry” your hand loose from the object?

That’s what happened to Eleazar: he fought on and on until he and his sword were one! The Bible states that the Lord won a great victory that day. The rest of David’s men returned to the scene of the battle and when they did, they found one man left standing – a man who had fought so long that he needed help laying down his sword!

But, because of one man’s dogged determination and trust in God, many people were enriched and delivered to live another day!

We live in times of fatigue.

I see people so tired……they seem to be overwhelmed. The ferris wheel of life seems to spin on and on and never stop! Demands, schedules, problems – things are wearing out people all around us.

To overcome,we must learn a few things:

First, we must learn to choose our battles. Many people allow life to dictate their schedule. They continually find themselves in the midst of a battle that is not one of their own choosing. If we are going to run on an even keel, we better learn to take control of our schedule or it will take control over us! There is a “godly yes” but there is also a “godly no!” What has God told you to do? Focus on doing that well. You are not the only answer to other’s issues. If it is stealing from God in your life, you are the one who will end up bankrupt!

Second, many folks are emotionally exhausted. They are carrying around so much in their heart that they just cannot take on one more thing. If you find yourself in this predicament, take some time to deal with what you have “on your emotional plate” before you move forward. You can’t run at full speed on an empty tank! Past pain must be dealt with….past disappointments must be processed. Future success depends on successful processing of the past.

To close this out……

God has called each of us to do some specific things right now. What are those things? Focus on them. Spend time with God. Read His word as a letter written directly to you. Let it feed you and show you His heart. Let it teach you about life and who you are. Take the “sword of the Word of God” and take the “spear of your calling” and spend your time and energy in that field.

Fatigue from worldly endeavors never goes away, but fatigue from fighting in the field of faith in which God has directed me will end with the Lord winning a great battle! You will not be sorry to have fought the Lord’s battles, even when others have to pry the sword from your hand when they are over! For, you will look around you and see the salvation of God!

If you’re tired, check out what is happening. If life is fatiguing you, realign into faith and the calling of God! Fight until you and the “Sword of the Spirit – the Word of God” become one! The “Eleazar anointing” is falling today! Open your arms and receive it!




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