Moving Mountains

MATTHEW 17:14-21

As a church body, we have been involved in a ten day period of fasting and prayer. Tonight (Wednesday the 15th) at midnight, this period ends for us as a corporate body. During the last nine days, we have quieted our minds and emotions and have sought the face of the Lord God in an effort to ready ourselves for what lies ahead.

As we enter the final few hours, I want to briefly discuss an aspect of prayer that every serious intercessor must understand to move into what we might call, “Mountain Moving Prayer.”

This last Sunday, we kept hearing the Spirit say that He is the “God of the Impossible.” Now, in essence, nothing is impossible with God. But, in the eyes of man, things that don’t have a natural solution readily available – “appear” to be impossible. In truth, serious obstacles can stand in the way of God’s will. God is seeking people who will understand that His word is the final authority in every situation, even when natural solutions are not available to solve a problem.

Have you ever had a “mountainous” obstacle appear in your life; obstructing your pathway to some need or destination?

The father of the young man in the scriptural account we just read had an obstacle in his pathway. His son was possessed by a demon which was intent on destroying him.

Now, if you know anything about demons then you know that they can’t be dealt with through counsel, medicine, therapy, or other such remedies. They operate in the spiritual world and create spiritual strongholds that must be dealt with in that realm. The boy’s condition had its root in the spiritual world with the effects being felt in all three dimensions of life – spirit, emotional (soul), and physical. To try and deal with that problem from the “bottom” up (physical realm) or the “middle” up (emotional realm) would not fix the problem.

Remember, there is a hierarchy in life. Some problems have solutions in the physical realm. Some have solutions in the emotional realm. But, the spiritual realm has ultimate authority over the other two realms.

When dealing with the many problems that have a spiritual root or when dealing with problems that you have no control over, you go to the Spirit for answers and the power of the Spirit is released through obedience to God’s Word and through agreeing prayer.

The disciples wanted to know why they couldn’t bring a solution to the boy’s problem. Jesus said that their weakness was centered in their lack of faith or their unbelief. Something within them was not in agreement with God’s ultimate authority over all things.

“Mountain Moving Prayer Power” is a gift God has given His disciples. It does take a little bit more faith than just the faith to ask God or the faith to speak to an obstacle.

After these days of fasting and prayer are over, you must remember this:

Living a life of prayer and “fasting” will increase your faith to the point in which nothing will be impossible in prayer! Distractions slowly erode our faith in the impossible. It takes time in His presence in order to see Him for who He really is and when we do, our faith rises to the level of what we’ve seen!

This period of fasting and prayer may change forms after tonight but if you want the power of God in you to do the impossible, it must continue in a priority on His Presence and His Word!

How would you like to have the words, “nothing is impossible” become your new life statement?

It is possible for those who “fast” the minors and “major” on the Presence and Truth of God.


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