If All You Can Smell is Dung, That Means Something is Still Alive!

One day, a man entered a stall and found a young boy busily shoveling mountains of dung. The man felt for the boy and asked him, “Son, do you ever get tired of shoveling this dung?” The young boy enthusiastically responded to the old man’s question by saying, “No, sir! All this dung only means that there’s a pony in here somewhere!”

You can’t have life without trash. Production produces waste products as well as usable goods! A successful businessman or woman learns how to recycle – they learn how to use everything in their life for profit!

I don’t know what you are smelling as you enter the new year but remember, if the smell is not so good, it simply means that something is still alive in your life! My wife’s family owns ranch land. As long as the cattle are producing and the ranch is productive, you have to watch where you step! In great cattle producing locations like Dalhart, Texas they say that the smell of dung is the smell of money! It takes a similar change in perspective for us to keep from being depressed by the constant “clean up” that comes along with life.

As I said earlier, you may be in a season in which it seems as if all you do is face difficulty. When these things happen to me, I’ve learned to follow a simple process:

1. Is there anything the Lord has told me to do that I have not done?

2. Is there anyone in my life that I am refusing to forgive?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then I get “on board” with Christ and take care of these things as He has told me. If the answer to these questions is no, then I don’t “bang my head against the wall” and get into self-pity or fear. I just realize that to be productive in life, I also must learn to deal successfully with the “trash” that life produces. How do you do that?

1. Remember that production in life includes the production of trash.

2. Keep the attitude of the young boy and the residents of Dalhart, Texas. “There is something good that can come from what I’m going through.”

3. Look for the pony! It is there even if you can’t yet see it! God has something good planned for you!

4. Recycle your “dung” by using it to fertilize others. Instead of spending time bemoaning your circumstances, use them to relate to others and release the ministry quality of your “dung” to help others.

If you do these things, you cannot be defeated by circumstances! If you do these things, the devil will give up on his attack against you! If you do these things, you won’t feel so down about your own life! If you do these things, the peace that passes understanding will rule your heart and your mind! If you do these things, you will enter into the joy of released resurrection power because you have been willing to walk through the death of the flesh!

Happy New Year!!! No, I’m serious! Happy New Year!

You cannot lose if you do not quit on God! But, you have to know God’s plan for handling “dung.”

Recycle!!! Praise God that you are walking through something that in some small way is similar to what Christ walked through in His death. Don’t get depressed by the presence of trash. It means you are a producer!

This is the year of Release! Watch for the fire! It is coming in your life!


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