Improving Your Vision

English: Yiyuksa's Glasses.

Genesis 50:20: “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”

I once heard someone say that, what matters most about what happens to us in life is not what happens, but how we view it once it does happen. How you view something has a great affect upon the response you will take to it. Events in life can often be devastating with no apparent redeemable purpose.The conclusion that you arrive at regarding these events will determine where you are going to “live” for the rest of your life!

I know that we all will “pass through” some areas of life that we don’t intend to “stay” or “reside” at. Depression, sadness, and other such states are common feelings to people but no one wants to “live” in these states. Tragic events can affect our bodies, our vocations and other such parts of our lives but to keep them from affecting the inner man, we must develop a viewpoint that will not allow for such unhealthy transformations to take place.

Genesis tells the story of Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob. Joseph was a dreamer; a man who just knew big things were in store for him. A deliberate attack was made against Joseph’s dreams by his own brothers. People not satisfied with their own lives will often attack the dreams of others and that is what Joseph’s brothers did. Through a series of events, the brothers sold Joseph into slavery and made up a story about Joseph being killed to tell their father. Joseph’s bad fortune didn’t end there. In his master’s house, he was accused of sexual assault by his master’s wife and was sent to prison. Prisons are a “house of broken dreams.” There Joseph lived with others whose lives were derailed with little hope of redemption. We know that Joseph’s physical address read, “Prison” but it would have been easy for his emotional address to reflect his physical address. The definition of Joseph’s mental state could have easily read, “Failure” and with such a view of his life, Joseph would have given up on his life and his dreams.

Joseph may not have known how his life would be restored or if it could be restored, but he made a very important decision regarding his life – he didn’t give up on God!

God still used Joseph in prison and it was during one of these ministry experiences that he made a connection that God would use to change Joseph’s life. The king of the country in which Joseph was imprisoned had a dream that needed interpreted and a man to whom Joseph had ministered in prison recommended Joseph for the task! In one day, Joseph was taken from prison to minister to the king; was used by God to interpret the king’s dream and was made to be the second in command in the land!

Later, Joseph gives us some insight into his viewpoint regarding what had happened to him. His viewpoint (in place because of his faith in God) made all the difference in the world. We often speak of perfect vision being what we call “20-20” vision. Well, Genesis tells us of Joseph’s viewpoint. Since it is found in Chapter 50, Verse 20, I’d like to call it “50:20” vision.

“Life can be mean and unfair and evil can seek to destroy us but God will use whatever happens to us for our good and for the good of the people in our lives!”

With that type of vision, Joseph held on to his dreams. He didn’t faint because he was convinced he would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

What do you see today?

It’s important not to deny reality but it is also important not to give in to despair. God is never through with a life that seeks Him with a whole heart!

Improve your vision today! It is the first step in improving your life!

I’ll leave you with the wise words of a famous father to his disgruntled son:

Just like our Father, we are not cowards! May God give you courage and cause you to mount up on wings of eagles to soar!


2 thoughts on “Improving Your Vision

  1. Thank you! Really appreciate the Word that is being taught.

    Be Blessed and Highly Favored!

    Barbara Jesus Loves You ALL the Time! So Do I!!!

  2. for me to read this and watch the video couldn’t have came in a better time! i really needed to read and hear this message! i don’t believe in myself i doubt myself but after today im going to LIVE! Thank you Pastor Parkey! may god keep blessing you!

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