What’s on the Other Side?

Backhuysen, Ludolf - Christ in the Storm on th...

Where are you headed?

What’s the plan for your life?

Do you have a destination or are you kind of making it up as you go along?

What do you see on the other side of your journey?

In Mark 4:35, Jesus told His disciples that the time had come for them to traverse the Sea of Galilee – to go to the other side, if you will. When Jesus and the disciples loaded the boats and took off for the other side, they encountered a tremendous storm.

The storm that we are in can affect our view of the destination.

What have the storms of life done to your view of where you are going?

Maybe you are currently in a “storm.” What type of attitude has the current “storm” developed in you?

A storm always seems to occur before an arrival in life. These storms are intended to strengthen us but storms can swamp a boat or sink one. Storms can alter courses for the good or for the bad. God has a destination planned for you. The storm is intended to strengthen you: your character, your faith, your resolve. Here are some things to know about the storm that lies before you destination:

Your storm will not produce faith in you unless:

A. The power of the storm exceeds the size of your vessel.

Until you get to the place that you are out of options, faith is usually put on the back burner. The disciples boat was being filled by their storm, threatening to sink it. When they ran out of options, they were open to solutions outside of their “box.” It is not a true storm unless, it exceeds your capacity to navigate.

B. Your questions about Jesus’ care and silence are answered.

When the disciples skill proved inadequate for the situation, they turned to Jesus. He was asleep in the boat. In other words, He was not currently involved in their survival AS FAR AS THEY COULD DETERMINE. His presence was not enough; they wanted Him to move and do something. Their cry to Him reflects their struggle in the storm: “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”

You are going to be stressed out until your questions about Jesus’ care and silence are answered. Sometimes Jesus is silent because He is looking at how we respond in faith to what He has already declared to us. Jesus’ “rest” in the storm should have been a clue to the disciples that they were not in as much danger as they thought. If they were alone in the boat, yeah, its time to panic! But, if they have Him, everything is going to be alright. Is He in your boat? You will not sink!

C. Your belief in God‘s heart must shelter you from the storm of uncertainty.

When you do not know what the hand of God is doing; when you don’t understand His ways, you must trust His heart!

Your need to be in control must be subordinated to the trust you have in God’s love for you. If you believe in God’s love and you believe in God’s power, then you posses the keys to be free from stress. Do you believe God loves you? Do you believe He has power over everything ultimately?

Then, why are you doubting as to whether or not you will reach your destination?

You will make it to the other side. No storm can stop you if Jesus is in your boat! Keep your eyes on Him and how He is responding. Sail your boat by His instruction and the storm you encounter will serve His purposes and turn out for your good!


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