Making Molehills Out of Mountains

God spoke to me many years ago and told me, “I am bringing stability into your life; I’m going to settle some things in you.”

That was an exciting word for me! Whenever you get a word from the Lord, pictures usually form in your mind as to exactly how God will do what He has told you.

I pictured God bringing financial success and stability to me. I pictured God eliminating trouble from my life which would bring me more emotional stability. But, exactly the opposite occurred.

God walked me through a series of troubles that pressed me to the very limit of my faith and endurance.

What happened to the promise of settling and stability coming to my life?

Well, God was bringing stability and settling into my life but He was doing it by changing my perspective. He used challenges to create within me proper biblical perspective.

There is nothing that brings peace and stability like the power of proper perspective.

Before I walked through my “education” process with God, my life was based upon factors that were both fleshly and unstable. I’ll list a few of those factors for you:

“How I look”

“What people are saying about me”

“How much money I make”

“What I possess”

“My degree of education”

“My attractiveness to the opposite sex”

“My degree of influence”

The combination of these factors served as the foundation of my security and were the way that I “experienced” success or knew failure. As a matter of fact, most people determine success or failure through the realization of one of these factors or factors similar to these.

The problem with basing your life upon factors like those listed above is that they remove God from being at the center of your life! I had to look to someone else or evaluate my behavior to know whether or not I’d achieved any success based upon the factors I was living by. It made my Christianity a “me” centered Christianity rather than a Christ centered faith. So many people are like I was; they live a “results” oriented faith rather than an “obedience” oriented faith. They choose to gauge their success based upon results instead of basing their success on their obedience.

God’s ways are beyond finding out. Many times, He will ask you to do something and once you’ve done it, you don’t immediately see any results from your obedience. It is at this point that it becomes easy to put God to the test by demanding that He explain to us exactly why He asked us to do what He told us to do. When we are experiencing a situation like this one, we are living a “results” oriented faith. Sometimes we know why God has told us to do a certain thing, but often we don’t know that at the time. At some point in your relationship with God you will be told by Him to do something that doesn’t immediately appear to bear fruit. If you live in a “results” oriented mindset, you will question God over His wisdom and eventually be tempted to base your actions upon what makes sense to you.

Many of us equate stability to arriving at a place in life in which we no longer have to live by faith!

When I have no more emotional challenges, I will be stable. When I am financially independent, I won’t have to worry. You could say it this way:

“When I arrive at a place where I don’t have to trust God to meet my needs but can depend upon what I possess and when I come to the place in which there exists an absence of conflict, THEN I will be truly settled and stable.”

If you live with this outlook, you will never experience the stability based upon Christ alone!

Are you making mountains out of molehills? Are you looking at unbiblical factors to determine your success?


Are you making molehills out of the world’s mountains? Are you eliminating ungodly “security blankets” from your life and living a “Christ” centered Christianity?

Who knows????

You may become a person of influence. You may become financially successful. But, we cannot use worldly evaluations to determine spiritual success.

So, today choose to allow God to create within you the stability that comes from a proper perspective. If you do, you will become someone whom God can trust with whatever He chooses to place in your hand!


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