Where Did God Go?

god (Photo credit: the|G|™)

Do you remember when you were first saved?

During the early days of salvation, it seems as if God is so quick to respond to your call. If you were in trouble – you called and He answered and handled every issue in a supernatural way – and fast!

Then, as time goes along, it seemed as if God quit responding the way He used to. Instead of handling every issue quickly and supernaturally, He seemed to have gone on “leave” of some sort; leaving us to deal with the issues of life.

What changed? Did I do something wrong? Did God leave me for some reason?

To answer those questions, we need to look no further than our own family.

When children are young, their parents are actively involved in each step of their development. They move objects that are dangerous or that shouldn’t be broken from their path so that they cannot touch them. They keep them from hitting the ground by holding them up when they are learning to walk. When the child does something it shouldn’t, the child gets immediate discipline from the parents. The parents intervene and teach the child through direct discipline. This is all done with a goal of training the child for the future; looking toward the day when the child can discern things for themselves through what has been learned from the parents.

God deals with us in the same fashion.

At the beginning of our Christian life, He will be quick to intervene in each situation because He knows we are still learning His word. He knows that we are developing trust in Him and His direction so He removes things from our pathway divinely that could be harmful. He also will hold us up when it seems we are falling so to teach us to balance ourselves and walk in a healthy way. He will quickly discipline us when we do something wrong so that we have no questions as to what His will is.

But, this is all done with an eye toward the future.

In a child’s life, there comes a day in which they are no longer a baby. They have learned the family values and have been taught to walk on their own. They have been taught how to handle situations that arise that are dangerous and are expected to use what they have learned to deal successfully with those issues. You don’t spank a child forever. At some point of development, natural consequences become the deterrent instead of a spanking by the parents.

So, asking the question, “Where did God go?” may mean we are asking the wrong question. Instead, maybe we should be considering the fact that God didn’t go anywhere but He is expecting us to live by what He has taught us. Maybe we have been taught to walk in His ways and He is expecting us to obey Him. Maybe He isn’t going to intervene in a situation until we do what His word says. Maybe He wants us to learn to use the weaponry He has given us to fight and defeat the enemy.

We are no longer “baby” Christians but are growing up into Christ, therefore, like Christ, we are expected to know the Father’s will and do it!

Have you been praying about a situation and its seems as if God is nowhere to be found?

Have you considered that God has already told you what to do in His Word and is waiting for you to obey so that you can see His hand move?

Think of the children of Israel.

God never changes but He did work differently in their lives depending upon where they were in their development. When He delivered them from Egypt, He fed them with manna from heaven. But, when they entered the promise land, the manna stopped and the Israelis were expected to follow God’s word regarding sowing and reaping. Food didn’t fall out of the sky anymore. God provided it from the ground as they obeyed His word regarding honoring Him.

God didn’t leave you. He is right where He always has been in your life: ready to lead you and guide you into all truth. But, He does expect us to obey what He has revealed to us. It is in obedience to His word that we see the supernatural laws of His kingdom take effect in our lives.

Stand up and be the obedient servant God has called you to be! Obedience to the Word of God is intervention by God! Stop crying and start obeying!

God is transforming you into the mature image of His dear Son! If you obey, you become a “living epistle known and read by all men”.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand! Open the doors of your life so the King of Glory can come in! Everyone will see His glory through your belief in His Word!


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