Explaining the Unexplainable

How big is your God?

We do indeed serve a small God when we can understand and explain everything that He is and does. If your God is as big as you think He is, then there will be things that He does and aspects of His greatness that will be beyond your understanding.

It is natural for us to desire to know more about God and His ways. Once you have tasted God’s goodness and been enthralled by new revelation, you always thirst for more. But, if we serve a God who created all things and knows every secret of the Universe, then it follows that there will be many times that He moves in ways that are mysterious to us.

There are times when things happen that I don’t understand or have any explanation for. As humans, we have this belief that we should be able to adequately explain all that occurs and if we can’t, something is wrong with us or God or life. A world in which everything is totally explainable is a world too small to live in. I realize that mystery creates feelings of vulnerability but it also creates a sense of wonder. Life without a sense of wonder is boring and predictable.

What if God explained everything to you? What if you knew the reason that everything happened? Wouldn’t you soon begin to move to wipe out the uncertainties? Wouldn’t you take steps to ensure that all risk and danger were removed from your life? Soon, we would create a world in which we believed we didn’t need God and would remove every aspect of life that held within it wonder and a sense of awe because wonder and awe rises from that which is without explanation or understanding.

I love it when God shows me things that I didn’t know. But, I also never want to lose that sense of awe that I experience every time I think of Him or consider what He has done.

Are you afraid because of unknowns? Has something happened in your life that you do not understand?

My favorite scripture in dealing with unknowns is found in Romans 8:28:

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

When I can’t explain something, I remind myself of the truths of this verse. If I love God and live for His purposes, then I can rest in knowing that everything that happens whether good or bad is working together to bring good into my life!

Trying to explain the unexplainable will leave you with more questions than answers. Are you demanding that life bend itself to your desires and will? This is a recipe for depression, anger, and isolation. Can you survive if you know that even bad things are being turned by God into something which brings about good for you?

The answer is not to make unreasonable demands of life but to give our lives into the sovereign control of Jesus. You can trust His motives. He has proven them on the cross. 

Peace doesn’t come from knowing everything but knowing the important things. Peace is within your grasp today. The Prince of Peace is near. I hear Him knocking…let Him in.



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