I Was Just Thinking…….

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my blog due to some technical difficulties and technical difficulties are always beyond my control!

So, I’m back with some things to share regarding our thought life.

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

In the room where you are sitting is something unseen yet very real. No, I’m not talking about something spiritual – I’m speaking of radio waves!

In the air, surrounding you at this very moment; unseen yet very present, are hundreds of radio wave transmissions. These radio transmissions are coming from many different sources. Each transmission carries a different message from a different source. If you have a tuner, you can “tune in” a specific transmission or message. The transmission or message you focus on will be up to you – it is a matter of what you “tune in” to.

Our thought life operates in a similar fashion.

There are many messages swirling around our minds daily. These messages come from different sources. The one that we “tune in” to is the one which we focus on. Just like a radio transmission, it is next to impossible to focus on two different messages at once. A radio tuner is created to focus on one transmission and our mind is created to focus on one transmission as well.

Just as you have control over which radio station you listen to, you have control over which thoughts dominate your mind. I’ve been in the deception of thinking that I didn’t control my thoughts, but it is simply not true. 

Some may ask, “Why is it so hard for me to focus on good thoughts?”

Two main reasons, I believe.

First, is habit.

You establish habits in your thinking just as you do in other areas. I once heard someone say that if we were to step outside ourselves and watch our life on a daily basis, we would be amazed at how much we are creatures of habit. We shave the same way each day. We get ready for work in the same order each day. We eat at precisely the same time each day. We put our shoes on in a certain order. Our thinking patterns are also subject to habit.

If you will notice – When you go to a place you have been before or encounter a situation you have before, thoughts that are associated with that place or situation begin to rise in you. Most of us don’t capture what is happening at the time, so it becomes something that is almost subconscious. It is so automatic that we often don’t realize a certain pattern has established in our thoughts yet, they repeat; set off by memories and experiences.

Another reason thoughts replicate or repeat is belief.

We have certain beliefs that have been created within us due to what we have experienced. These beliefs begin to activate when we encounter certain situations. For instance, if something begins to occur in your life that in some way reminds you of a bad experience, beliefs that have been created by that experience will begin to surface in your mind. This  appears “automatic” so it is easy to think that we don’t have any control over those thoughts: they come whether we want them or not.

Now, back to Proverbs 23:7.

The Bible tells us in many places what we read in this passage. As we think or believe in our hearts, so we are! If you think unkind thoughts, you become unkind. If you think negative thoughts, you become negative in outlook and action. 

Remember: your thoughts come from habits and beliefs. If you are in the habit of thinking a certain way about a situation, that is the way you will respond. If you believe a certain way about yourself, life, etc., that will dominate your thoughts and will influence your actions.

Romans 8:6 tells us that carnal thoughts bring death and spiritually truthful thoughts bring life and peace. Carnal thoughts are those focused on things that are outside the will and truth of God. On the other hand, spiritually truthful thoughts are biblically based. They inspire peace and healthy attitudes, feelings and actions.

Don’t like the feelings you are currently experiencing?

Check your beliefs. Feelings are influenced by beliefs and beliefs create habits.

Don’t like your attitude? Check your beliefs. Attitude is a direct reflection of your beliefs and beliefs influence your thoughts. Your attitude comes from focused beliefs.

Habits and beliefs are changeable through faith and the power of the Holy Spirit! Take your thoughts and compare them to the truth of the Bible. Do they match?

If not, make the choice to “tune in” to the truth! 

Joyce Meyer once said, “God will never get control of your life until he controls your thoughts.”

If you don’t believe Him, your thoughts will reflect your lack of faith and that will play out in your feelings, your attitude, and your behavior!

You can’t believe Jesus and a lie at the same time! You must focus on one of those messages.

Which will you make your focus?

So, to change your thoughts – look at your beliefs. Your beliefs have helped create your habits and have influenced your thoughts. When the truth of God controls your thoughts about life, yourself, and others – you will experience a dramatic breakthrough in your feelings and attitudes!

I’m praying for you! Pray for me too! We are changing by the power of Jesus Name!



3 thoughts on “I Was Just Thinking…….

  1. thank you for your prayers, and learning to except change is not easy sometimes,but good change is.a.process. Keeping our minds on things above heavenly things and not on earthly things,I have been trying to do that. I will pray for your family as I always do. I try to lift up all the pastors and their wives when I pray. Love you guys always

  2. Amen brother, when in doubt or confused ask yourself what would Jesus Christ do. This will help keep you focused on the truth.
    God bless,
    Dario Reyes

  3. This is why My Radio waves stay on christian themes. I try to keep God at teh top of my mind as much as possible Before becoming Christs child My mind did not reflect him His greatness or will. I wandered aimlessly in darkness with little to no hope. Now I Dwell with him daily loving every second of it wondering how to do more… Praise God.

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