Another Terrible Tragedy

This morning we received news about another tragedy. A man walked into an elementary school in Connecticut and opened fire, killing a great many people, including many children. The details are still coming in……

I already know how our leadership will respond. A call will go out for gun control. After that, a decision will be made that further security measures are needed in public places. After the killer’s life has been scrutinized, there may be other moves proposed to ensure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. The killer will be characterized as a “tragic figure”, an “anomaly of society” yet I guarantee you; each of us will pay the price for this man’s sins through the losing of long held freedoms that we cherish.

You see, that’s the only answer that the government has to offer us: restrictions as the cure for  evil. Since the gospel of “tolerance” has become the main virtue preached to our children through the education system,we have no real answer for these type of issue except denial of opportunity.

You see, freedom is not truly possible without internal constraint. If you have no real truth to guide you, to teach you what is right and valued as a people, then society soon becomes a conglomeration of every man doing what is right in his own eyes. The young man who killed the people in the elementary school today is a product of this system which exalts tolerance. Our children are not as stupid as we think. We teach them “values” in our schools; Values like “be respectful”; “be courteous”, don’t bully”; etc., and then, when they ask why these values are important, we can’t really point to anything. We can’t tell them that these values come from God and have eternal effects because that is archaic and may offend someone. So they hear our what we say and go out and choose what is going to make them “happy” because we can’t show them a higher value than that. Personal happiness and personal interpretation of right and wrong becomes the basis from which they make decisions. They know we are talking “out of both sides of our mouth” when we tell them to respect others  and at the same time tell them that there is no higher authority that they will answer to other than themselves….no eternal consequence for their behavior.

There are not enough police to secure a nation whose people have no internal constraints. Our government does not want to acknowledge the Truth so the only option to solve  the issue is to try and “destroy the fruit”. An understanding of evil and how it operates is necessary for addressing the root problem. If we continue to “tolerate” evil, either by denying its existence or by teaching that everyones truth is equal, I’m afraid we are doomed to more of these tragic events.

In the days to come, we will hear voices crying for change, unfortunately, I believe most of the change that will be proposed will not touch on the root problem at all. Will taking away guns stop the killing? Will securing public places remove the hatred from the heart?

I think we propose these things just to make ourselves feel better…….to somehow assuage our conscience by believing that we took some action to stop the problem. This will not stop the problem and if we believe it will, we are as deceived as the guy who entered the school today with weapons.

There is an answer but we must be willing to “swallow” our pride so that we can receive it. Until that time, we will continue to mourn our dead, beat our breast and decry such brutality while at the same time, teaching the very root from which this evil is birthed.

It’s not enough to be sorry. Integrity and morality demands we take action! If we are not “big” enough to admit our wrong and repent, the future will not change. I’m sick of how highly we view ourselves. We declare that we are better than this and can fix this problem ourselves. This is the very attitude that spawns what we saw today – a man who exalted his own wisdom above all truth and believed he was justified in taking human life. After all, he had learned that his own personal satisfaction was his right – that his own truth was as valid as the “wishy washy” stuff taught him in school which really had no basis other than to make the teachers and administrators job easier.

That type of teaching did not stand up under the assault of this man’s issues. It fell apart in the face of his own pain. If we can’t teach people that there is a Truth which carries with it eternal consequences, then everyone will continue to live for the moment.

I don’t want many more moments like the one today. Do you?


2 thoughts on “Another Terrible Tragedy

  1. I could not agree more. Thank you for this truthful stance.
    Maybe this would be a good time to address what is on TV, video games and in the movies. Violence is everywhere, it’s no wonder it’s acted out in real life.
    Could there be some way to rein in the Hollywood agenda… other than unplugging the tube?!
    Probably not, so maybe we should just rein ourselves in and stop watching the trash and allowing our children’s minds to be poisoned as well.
    Just a thought.

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