The Devil is in the Details


As any American who is breathing knows….we are quickly approaching an election. It’s hard to ignore. Adds on the TV, commentators “commentating”, you know the drill. Every time one of the candidates blows his nose, it is critiqued. Elections have lost some of their excitement and luster due to the intense media scrutiny and, I must say as well, due to their bias. Yes, on both sides of the spectrum lies bias – toward conservative and liberal agendas. This bias makes many people wonder what the truth really is. Oh well, that’s a story for another time.

Today, I want to discuss the voting view for a believer. How does a person who considers themselves a believer in Jesus, with that belief before any other allegiance decide who to vote for?
Ok, since this is my blog, I get to share my perspective.
First of all, I have to say that I’m not that enthralled with either person running for President. I’ve watched President Obama for four years and am seriously concerned with the decisions he has made from a biblical standpoint. First, his stance on life and marriage pain me. You can’t redefine marriage without opening a “Pandora’s Box” of other issues following on it’s heels. God has clearly stated that marriage is between a man and a woman. Choosing to support and promote anything else is simply rebellion. Don’t think that God doesn’t take notice of the decisions made by a corporate people in a national setting. You can refer to His dealings with the nation of Israel as an example. If we choose to remove a barrier of safety that He has put in place, we open ourselves up to the wolves of pain and instability. The Bible gives this clear admonition:
Proverbs 22:28 – “Do not move an ancient boundary stone put up by your forefathers”.
Redefining marriage falls into that category. Just because we don’t have easy answers to dysfunctions does not mean the answer is to legalize them.
I also have continued problems with the President’s stand on life. My problem does not end with the President but with every lawmaker and President who have presided in government and have not seen fit to protect the unborn. At the time of this writing, we have seen approximately 55 million unborn babies aborted. If  that many people of a like persuasion were killed in a nation, we would call it genocide or some other type of “cide”. Before you categorize me, let me admit that I have been a party to an abortion in the past. I have stood on the other side of the aisle as a person with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. I gave my consent to the abortion and paid for it. When I was saved by Jesus, one of the first things that overwhelmed my soul was the responsibility for the life of the child. Thank you, Jesus for your forgiveness. I have since come to understand that my irresponsibility and life choices are not an excuse to kill someone who had nothing to do with those choices. If this sin is not quickly repented of, we will be finding ourselves paying a high price.
I am also not very happy with our economic recovery policy. The Bible gives direction as to how to handle money. Spending what you don’t have is not a biblical solution. We must get a handle on our spending habits or we will find ourselves borrowers and not investors (Oh, I forgot, we already are!). This must stop and stop quickly! Hard decisions…unpopular decisions with many will have to be made. President Kennedy put it this way, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Now is the time to sacrifice for the greater good. 

As far as Governor Romney goes….I have not been impressed by his candidacy. He has been too laid back and allows the media to define his position rather than carrying the communication to the people himself. I also have some decided differences between his faith and mine. If you believe that doesn’t really matter, then you need to understand that a person’s actions are born from their beliefs. This is a free country. Governor Romney can believe as he chooses, but it does leave me some concern as to how he will administer policy in some instances and toward some ethnic groups. I believe the Republicans have put forth “weak” candidates in the last two Presidential cycles. If they are serious about change, they better find someone with more conviction and an ability to communicate.
So, how am I going to vote? How should a believer vote?
I believe we must observe both platforms and the leanings of both parties and choose based upon biblical principles. I know that many people have issues that they are really concerned about: immigration reform, tax reform, tort reform, farm subsidies, education reform, etc. But, let me share something with you:
If we are enamored with a parties’ stance on an issue while their platform is against basic biblical principles for healthy living, how can we justify voting for that party? I believe that if we will put God’s purposes at the forefront, He will take care of other issues that are of interest to us. Do we need immigration reform? Yes, but let’s do it without having to agree to several other policies that bring death and pain. Do we need education reform and tort reform and tax reform? Yes, but not at the expense of disobeying God.
I don’t look to either Republicans or Democrats as the answer to our nation’s issues. I believe most issues are matters of the heart. But, we have to decide as a nation which framework we are going to work from. Without the proper foundation, what we build will fall. If you are a believer in Jesus, vote “the Bible”.
God will honor our decision and will enable us to have the wisdom to solve every issue, no matter how difficult with healing for all involved.
Remember, details are important. Know the position of the parties and candidates. The “devil can be in the details” and, if you don’t know those details, you can unknowingly release him to operate.

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