On Again….Off Again…..

In a couple of days, I will be leaving for Kenya. It is always exciting to see what God is doing in places other than the one in which I live. I’m taking my iPad so I’m hoping I will be able to give you a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the eastern portion of Africa.

It seems like a weird time to be leaving. God is definately blowing through our church with a fresh wind of His Spirit. Our youth are on fire. Our worship is hitting new levels of praise. Our people are walking in a new confidence in their relationship with God. It doesn’t seem like a good time to go, but I know I heard the Lord speak to me about going to Kenya. Once, when Jesus was in Capernaum, a real move of God was happening. After liberating the synagogue from a controlling demon spirit, the ENTIRE city came together in the evening at the door of where Jesus was staying and He healed and delivered all that were in need. The next morning, He went out to pray. The disciples found Him and said to Him, “Master, everyone is looking for You!”

Stop for a minute. Isn’t that the definition of true revival? Everyone is looking for the real Jesus! So, the logical thing would have been for Him to stay and maximize the move that was happening but, instead He told His disciples that they needed to go to other cities because He was being called to them as well.

I guess that’s what I feel now. I need to go to Africa to meet the calling of God. Besides, I know without a shadow of a doubt that what is happening at Capstone is not of my doing. It is the move of the Spirit! My earnest prayer is that it will escalate while I’m away so that everyone will know that it is not tied to a man in any way!. I believe upon my return, that I will find that God did great and mighty things in my absence. To God be the glory! Great things HE has done!

We are taking a team of about ten people with us to Kenya. This allows for us to be able to expand the number of people we will be able to touch there. My wife and I will be taking part in the first couples conference in the history of the mission/church there. I’m truly humbled and excited to minister to married couples. For the first time in my travels there, we will go to western Kenya. We will be spending time ministering in the area around Lake Victoria. Everytime I think of western Kenya, I feel the Spirit saying that something powerful is beginning. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do there!

If you think of it, please pray for us as we minister to these wonderful people. I truly love the continent of Africa. I count it an honor to be able to stand before the people there and speak God’s word. Truly, they minister to us as much or more than we minister to them. When I think of Africa, I think of Reinhard Bonnke’s vision when God called him to minister to that great continent. Reinhard said, “I saw a blood washed Africa. I saw Africa washed in the blood of Jesus!”

That still gives me chills! I feel I am to play a role-however large or small is up to God. But, we are going to fulfill that calling.

So, we are off again, but the Spirit of God is on again!! Be blessed in the Name of the Lord! Hopefully, you will hear from us while we are gone! Dive deep into God and have the greatest two weeks of your life! Remember – the supernatural appearance of God in your life is just one step of obedience away! Turn Him loose and experience a change in the atmosphere of your life!


One thought on “On Again….Off Again…..

  1. Great stuff Pastor! You and Rhonda will be missed, but will be here with us in spirit and we with you. We love you and are proud to serve.

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