Love will Keep us Together

“Keep yourselves in the love of God…” Jude 21

When you don’t believe you are loved, everything is open to question.

Have you ever experienced the pain of feeling all alone? Most of us have at one time or another. There seems to be this “voice” that whispers to us during times of stress and conflict – singing its song of pain and fear saying to us, “You ARE all alone.” This voice seems to speak when you need support and stability the most. Its “messenger” is so very faithful to the insidious mission of discouragement. If I had a dime for every time it “sang” to me its song of defeat, I would be a millionaire!

I wish I could say that I have never listened to this “messenger” of death but, unfortunately I have many times. When you listen to the “song” of discouragement and believe that its refrain was written just for you, a door is opened into your soul that gives the “demonic” access to your stability. As stated earlier – if you don’t believe you are loved, you open the door to every type of confusion imaginable. Love brings stability and peace. In the absence of love, you will find fear.

Do you stuggle with fear?

Check your “love meter”. Do you really believe you are loved?


The Word of God tells us that God is love (1 John 4). Most of us can recite that easily. The problem is that some things are simply “concepts” or “theories” to us. I used to read that Jesus had left peace to His followers. Intellectually, I could tell you about God’s peace but experientially, I had not “known” it. So, it remained just a “theory” to me. Theories seek to explain truths but are not proven in real life. Is the love of God just “theory” to you?

The verse in Jude referenced earlier tells us to “keep yourself in the love of God”. Remember those “voices” we spoke of earlier? The voice that comes to cause you to doubt God’s love? What do you do when it comes?

You have to “keep” yourself in God’s love. Jesus has already proven that God’s love is not theory, but truth. He came and died to prove the Father’s motives and then, He rose from the dead so He could come to you personally and give you this love. Many of us have accepted God’s love but once the song of despair starts – we give it up!

It is your responsibility to “keep” yourself firmly planted in the belief in God’s love. Jesus’ death and resurrection is the most undeniable proof of God’s affection for you – not your circumstances or feelings. Satan cannot take God’s love from you, you have to give it up in favor of his lying song of disbelief.

All satan has to do to most of you is remind you of your imperfections and wham!!! You have the rug of love pulled right out from under you! When that happens, panic and fear sets in. Then comes a mix of anger, depression, self-pity, rebellion, etc.

If you want to find your way through a crisis, you must learn that you cannot allow yourself to “leave” the love of God. Don’t allow satan to talk you out of it! Don’t allow yourself to talk you out of it. Don’t allow mistakes to talk you out of it. God won’t do this for you – YOU have to do it for you! It is what we call “spiritual warfare”. Do you want to see the miraculous? Don’t leave the love of God!

Have you  ever thought – “I don’t think I can hold it together?” Love will keep us together! Don’t let your “love meter” hit empty because when you do, the “fumes” of unbelief will choke you out every time!

God is love and you are the object of His affection. Period!! Don’t ever move off of that truth! NO Matter what!!!!!!!!!

Mature believers don’t doubt God’s love. Satan can’t handle a mature believer. “Keep” yourself in victory by standing in the love of God!


3 thoughts on “Love will Keep us Together

  1. Boy has this become a reality in my life over the past month! Thank you Pastor Parkey and Loraine for showing me these truths and being a shining example of God’s love for His people. I praise God that he has planted me in this family!

  2. I am reminded today that I have separated myself from God’s love and His people. And remained on that quest for the love of my family which just cannot meet the conditions I feel I need so desperately. Thank you Loraine for reminding me of this today in our phone conversation.6/19/17. I love you Pastor Parkey and all my Capstone family. See you all very soon!

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