Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage is probably the hottest social issue of our day. There is much emotion on both sides of the argument. I think that one of the things that saddens me the most about this debate is the lack of respect for free speech that is displayed in this conversation. If you disagree with someone else’s point of view, you are labeled as some type of “fool” instead of being someone who differs in opinion. I certainly have my views on this which I will share here, but the hatred I see and the lack of respect for the freedoms we hold dear- the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion is troubling. The atmosphere surrounding this subject reminds me more of what you would find in a dictatorial situation rather than one based on freedom of speech and majority rule.

Nevertheless, I realize that our country must make some type of decision regarding this issue. Not because people are going to be kept from certain behaviors and actions but because monetary considerations are tied to this issue. In other words, who is going to be able to receive some type of benefit that has a financial cost: tax credits, insurance benefits, etc.

With that in mind, I must say that I disagree with our President’s recent decision regarding gay marriage.

Why you may ask?

Well, very simply, you cannot have a country where “anything goes”. When you open the doors to sanction through governmental protection and financial assistance one lifestyle, you are opening the door to other types of requests for legitimacy.

For instance, if we change our stance on what a marriage looks like – what next?

What if someone wants to marry their dog? After all, many people love their animals. Or, what if someone wants to marry a tree? Are we going to have to pay as a people for the trimming and fertilizing of that tree as part of a benefit package? What if someone says that they were abducted by aliens and married one while they were gone. If an investigation is done, they will simply say that their spouse cannot speak for themselves because they work out of town. Are we going to legitimize this union through protection and finance it through corporate funds?

What if someone wants to marry a child? I know, I hear someone saying, “The things you are suggesting are stupid. Of course, that will not be allowed.”

Why wouldn’t it? If some people have the freedom to change the definition of marriage, why can’t others? If we don’t allow them to do what they want, their freedoms are being restricted, aren’t they? After all, isn’t the argument that their decisions aren’t affecting anyone else? If we continue down the path we are on politically, that’s exactly what we will face.

I still hear someone saying, “That will never happen!” Well, I see a lot of things happening that I never thought I would see. Don’t be so sure. No organization or group can exist if it doesn’t have certain fundamental beliefs and rules.

That’s my political problem with the issue. My heart problem lies in the fact that the Bible says that the gay and lesbian lifestyle is a product of dysfunction. If we were to be totally honest with one another then we will realize that legitimizing this behavior does not make the pain of those who suffer with it go away. Every time they think of themselves they will not be able to get away from the thought that they are somehow “different” from others – that something is wrong – not functioning properly.

If we honestly want to help, let’s help. It will not be easy. Identity issues are some of the toughest to resolve in my experience and that is what is at the base of this problem. Identity issues are painful, yet before we go around and holler that a mistake has been made in someone’s creation, why don’t we seek to help them heal from their pain. If we just say to them, “You are okay. Everything is actually normal with you.”, won’t they be able to look at themselves and others around them and come to the conclusion that what we are saying is not true? That question continues to bother them, even after we lied to them.

My desire is to help people. Not because I know everything or am perfect myself. But, I do know of a Redeemer who heals the hearts and confusion of people. Nothing is too difficult for Him. I love to introduce people to Him.

I know that many will call me “homophobic”. To be honest, I’ve never met a gay or lesbian individual that I was afraid of. That’s what “homophobic” means. I used to work in the finance business as a corporate manager. I hired a lady who lived the lesbian lifestyle to be one of my lead people. I don’t fear them.

I want to help in any way I can.

We recently had a great teaching at our church about this very issue. At the end of this blog, I will include it if you are interested.

May God help us to truly love one another. I can’t love you and feed you something that kills you at the same time. This isn’t about me: it’s about you. Do you want to get out of confusion and pain?

There is a way. The way is a Person. Why don’t you call on Him today?





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