What Boat is Jesus Telling you to Get out of?

In the Book of Matthew, chapter 14, we read the story of Jesus walking on water. This story is one of the most amazing in the Bible because it defies natural law – people do not –CANNOT walk on water!

Yet, as you continue to read about the life of Jesus; while still amazed at this feat, it becomes a little less incredible simply because we see Jesus doing tons of amazing things. After all, He is God – He made the water – walking on water is not impossible to Him: He can do anything!

But, on that day, Jesus was not the only one who walked on water.

All of Jesus’ disciples were in the boat crossing the sea. A terrible storm arose, causing the trip to be very dangerous. They were in a Category 1 boat facing a Category 3 storm. They were beyond natural capacity for success. 

Have you ever been in a Category 1 boat facing a Category 3 storm? When you are, you have passed the possibility for natural solutions to work in your situation. They didn’t expect Jesus to come and save them. He can’t get to them. They had never seen Him walk on water. He can’t get to them because of the ferocity of their storm. So, the disciples are left in an impossible situation without a natural solution.

Sound familiar?

All at once, the disciples see a figure coming toward them, walking  on the water!

Dear God! Things have gone from bad to worse! Not only are the disciples in a storm, now they are being visited by ghosts! The supernatural has responded to their predicament all right, but “spirits” are showing up instead of God. Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice. Not only is the voice familiar, but so is the message.

“Cheer up! It is I; do not be afraid.”

Lesson One:

If you are facing an impossible situation without a natural solution, then you must be prepared for Jesus to show up in a way He has not come to you before! The disciples had never seen Jesus do this particular miracle because they had never been in this particular situation. Jesus’ solution for you is unique to your situation! Be ready! Expect Him to come in a way you have not seen before!

Lesson Two:

God stretched the disciples faith to a new level by coming in a way they had not seen before. Therefore, the  disciples capacity to produce had been expanded! Peter, sensing the expansion, said to Jesus:

“Lord, if it is You, command ME to come to You on the water.”

So, Jesus’ new revelation to the disciples produced within them the capacity to do greater things themselves! Now, we are beyond amazing. Amazing was Jesus coming to them by walking on water. Now, we are in the impossible as Peter is walking to Jesus on the water!

Working within your storm is the capacity for you to do the impossible!

What started as something dangerous with death washing over the boat has turned into a celebration of the power of God working through Peter. Oh, sure, Peter got scared when he took his eyes off Jesus, but no one can ever take it away from him………….He walked on water!!!

What situation is Jesus using to expand your capacity? What “boat” or situation is Jesus calling you to abandon to increase your strength? If it doesn’t require the impossible, then it isn’t based in faith in God’s power!

Are you in a relationship or a job that you need to get out of? Jesus doesn’t preach compromise in these situations- He commands us to walk ON them to get out of them!

Is there a dream that God has given you? How will you see it fulfilled? You have to get out of your current “boat” to get there!

Faith is not something sent to keep us safe. It is something sent to make the impossible possible!

Today, no matter where you are – to go forward, you have to move! I hear someone saying, “I can’t!!! Everything around me is unstable! If I try, I will fail!”

Do you see similarities between your situation and the disciples?

Two things to remember:

1. Expect Jesus to come to you in a NEW way. Doing the same old thing will not work in this situation. You must act differently and think differently. Jesus must  change your view of Him so that it is possible.

2.  Jesus is appearing differently so that you will walk differently! You can’t wait until things are “stable”. You walk when you hear Jesus calling! This situation is expanding your capacity for the miraculous!

Stay where you are and you’ll stay dry. But, nothing will change, including you. Meet Jesus where He is and you’ll see yourself doing what you never thought was possible!


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