Personal Revival

I recently read a book by A.W. Tozer called, “The Crucified Life”. In the book, Tozer lists the keys to personal revival. I’d thought I would share them with you.

Before I do, remember this:

Revival affects individuals first, and then groups. We see this happen on the day of Pentecost when each individual caught fire and then, the church and community were affected. We don’t pray for an event to happen to our church, we pray for individuals in the church to experience personal revival. You cannot blame your church if you are not experiencing personal revival because personal revival is a personal happening between you and God.

Now, here are four things which Tozer listed as essential to personal revival. I will be commenting on each of his points.

1. Set your Face like a Flint.

Isaiah 50:7 – “For the Lord God will help me; therefore I will not be disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint, and I know that I will not be ashamed.”

“Setting your face like a flint” is an indication that you are focused and nothing will stop or distract you from your task. You cannot be “wishy washy” and experience revival. It must be a stated goal. I’m not saying you bring it to pass, but you must be in position to receive. Your goal for life must be, “I want all that the New Testament has for me. I will not be satisfied with anything else!” Watch out for “satisfaction” – settling for less. It’s a revival killer.

2. Set your Heart on Jesus.

Wherever He takes you, go with Him. Whatever He takes away from you, let Him have. Whomever you must ignore, move away from. Jesus is your goal. There are things in your life and people in your life whose goal is to keep you away from Jesus! Don’t allow them to accomplish their goal.  Their are people in your life who are there to sharpen you to a fine, cutting edge. Don’t remove them when they are doing their job! Double-mindedness will leave you with nothing! Set you heart on Jesus and move toward Him like the lady with the issue of blood! Don’t stop until you are in position for His power.

3. Expose your life to God’s Examination.

If you want personal revival, you must allow the Scriptures to be the Scriptures in your life. No more excuses! No more blaming others for your condition! Such things keep you from achieving your goal.Some believe they are transparent but are really hiding things. They focus on the exterior problems of others and blame them for a lack of revival in order to avoid dealing with the interior issues God is seeking to change. Do you feel like running from your current situation? There’s a reason for that! Check this list again before you make an external decision about an internal matter.

4. Make Life Shaping Declarations.

Declare before God that you don’t own anything! I didn’t say to get rid of everything, but you must get rid of the trash you have in your life. If you feel you own something, it is actually dragging you down! Give up ownership to God so that you can truly be a “possessor”! Giving God 10 percent with you keeping ownership over 90 percent doesn’t make you “okay”. God must have all. If there is anything you own that God cannot have, you cannot have God!

Never defend yourself! This is a tough one for Americans. If you try to fight people, you will only get bloody and bruised and you’ll feel bad. You’ll stay immature and never experience personal revival.Allow God to be your defender.

Never defame another believer! Boy, have I fallen down on this one! Don’t speak evil reports about fellow Christians. Evil reports become weapons in the devil’s hands. Don’t believe or spread gossip about your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Never receive or accept any glory! Oh, how we love glory! God can have some but we want a little for ourselves! After all, we believe we have earned it by our “works” and our “smarts”. Glory seekers miss out on finding God.

Your personal revival is not in the hands of some preacher. You have control over your spiritual condition. Stop moving from place to place looking for a “place” that God has blessed. God doesn’t bless places, He blesses people who put Him first and seek Him earnestly no matter where they are!

Your breakthrough is near. Stop looking outside yourself and take control over your spiritual life! Take control by giving God the passion and pursuit that He is worthy of! God is not holding out, He simply wants to see how badly you want it!

How badly do you want it?


One thought on “Personal Revival

  1. Last week I also read Tozer, and emailed this quote out to some friends.

    “The idea that all you have to do is to accept Christ and you are in is a great mistake. It leaves people with the impression that if they accept Christ they have no fight to fight, no warfare, no job to do and no temptations. They are just in. When you accept Christ rightly as your Lord and Savior you are in, but to be honest, you have just started to fight. People get converted and we do not tell them that they must fight all the way through to heaven because of the spirit of degeneration and the tendency to deteriorate. They must fight, pray through, suffer it out and live in praise and worship, because if they do not they will deteriorate. Read the history of the Christian church if you can keep your faith and keep from weeping.”

    – A.W. Tozer, Rut, Rot & Revival

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