Blizzard Diet

A man was working out on a treadmill at a local gym. The treadmill faced the windows looking out onto the gym parking lot. The man on the treadmill saw a car pull up and park and a man got out. The man was obviously coming to work out because after he got out of the car, reached back in and pulled out a gym bag. After he turned to walk into the gym, the man on the treadmill noticed that the man with the gym bag was finishing off a Blizzard from Dairy Queen as he prepared to enter the gym door.

Many of us are just like the man with the gym bag: on the one hand, we are working very hard to meet a goal. On the other hand, we are allowing things into our lives that directly fight against the accomplishment of the goal we are working so hard to attain. So, all of our sweat and hard work is really in vain, since we are living with elements that are fighting against the reaching our goal.

There was once a man named Samson who was targeted by God for great things. As long as Samson kept his vow to God, he was endowed with great physical strength which enabled him to, not only do great personal exploits but also to be a great help to others.

The problem with Samson was that he had something  else in his life that was fighting against the vow – a craving for illegitimate relationships. Samson expended lots of energy fighting on behalf of his vow to God, yet never made a break from the relationships that were fighting against the power of God. It finally got so bad, that Samson couldn’t even hear God speak anymore, which left circumstances being the only means of communication God could use to get Samson’s attention.

After several of these relationships, Samson began a new illegitimate relationship with a woman named Delilah in Philistine territory. Since the two competing things in Samson’s life could not coexist forever, Samson sold out the vow to keep Delilah. Illegitimacy has it’s price and Delilah sold out Samson to his enemies, the Philistines. The enemies of Samson took him prisoner, put out his eyes and made him a slave.

There are many people of God who are working hard to keep their vow to God yet are allowing things into their lives that are fighting against the accomplishment of the goal. The Bible says in Proverbs 8:13: The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.”

When a person’s desire is to do God’s will, they must develop a hatred for all things that contradict their goal. No amount of hard work spiritually can make up for a lack of purity. Poison does what poison does – it kills! If you continue to allow it into your life, eventually God’s voice will be dim and circumstances will be allowed to get your attention. Many strong men and women in the Spirit have been brought down by their own personal “Blizzard”.

So, I ask you – have you allowed anything into your life which, by nature fights against the vow you have made to God? If so, the answer is simple: get rid of it! Don’t listen to it’s cries for mercy and don’t listen to it’s love songs – deal with it swiftly and decisively.

If you want to be mightily used by God and to know Him intimately, you cannot bypass purity. Samson’s story is viewed as a success only because he repented. Otherwise, it would have passed in the night along with all the other “might have been” or “could have been” stories. Will we remember your story as a success or a failure?

The choice is up to you.


3 thoughts on “Blizzard Diet

  1. Seems to me I was a bit slow peeling stuff off like that. But once I felt the weight shift, I really got into letting more and more fall away. My house is so peaceful today….and I am soooo grateful. Thank you for your straight way of putting things. Really need to hear it.

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